Clint Eastwood Hero Dvd Set

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The Clint Eastwood Hero DVD Set from Warner Video contains three separate films in which Eastwood stars and directs.  These three are A Perfect World, Heartbreak Ridge, and Absolute Power.  Each movie is encased in its own snap-shut video case, the same as you would find if you bought the movies individually.  As a trio, they are placed inside a collectible box.

One would hope that the movies presented would have lots of extras, considering Eastwood’s prominence and the abundance of material that could be used.  When creating a set, that is usually the rule of thumb.

However, this collector’s set is more just a joining of the three DVD offerings with nothing done to make it special except for the the box.  Even it is standard cardboard with the same picture of Eastwood (from Heartbreak Ridge) on both sides and small images of the three films on the box cover’s spine.

A Perfect World is more of a Kevin Costner vehicle, with Eastwood and Laura Dern providing filler.  The case says the soundtrack was remastered.  Bonuses are non-existent except for the trailer.  The disk itself has a nice color rendering of both men on it.

The disk for Absolute Power is plain, but that is because it offers the movie in both the standard format and in widescreen.  The way to tell this is by looking at the middle circle which clearly states what side you are looking at.  There are supposed to be production notes available, but I could not access them for whatever reason.

Heartbreak Ridge has an image of Eastwood on the disk and once again, the only real extra is the trailer.  It, too, says it is a remastered soundtrack.

All three have sub-titles for various languages, but there is absolutely nothing unique or special.  All this set is, is a way to re-package some of Eastwood’s films.  To be frank, I do not even believe that the title “Hero” applies to the collection.

So, if you are looking for basic copies of these movies and this set is on sale somewhere, go for it, but if you are really seeking a special set that celebrates Eastwood, keep shopping.


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