Amazon Kindle Fire- A Review

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr +, Inc. is an America based online retail store.  It was started as a multinational electronic company. Founded in 1995 it is named after the world’s largest river(by volume) the Amazon in Brazil. Amazon has global reach and its creator Jeff Bezos  has created world web sites that cater to a host of countries that include Canada, USA, Japan, China, UK and India among others.

It was natural that Amazon with its global reach would venture into the field of electronics and hand held computers.

Amazon Kindle Fire

They did launch a device called the Kindle in 2007, but at that time e-commerce giant  failed to keep demand in mind and the Kindles were snapped up pretty fast( in one week) and there was no back up. But that is all in the past and the electronics retailer with a worldwide presence is presenting the Kindle Fire. In fact it is slated to be launched on 15 November, 2011 and Amazon is accepting orders right now. So in case you are interested in purchasing one then go ahead and book one. It will be priced $199 and Amazon is promising free shipping, so it’s quite a deal.

amazon kindle fire

Kindle Fire Review

The device that is being launched is a full color 7” Multifunctional display device which has inbuilt Wi-Fi capability. It will be based on a modified Google Android operating system. However it must be borne in mind that this is the first foray of Amazon in the color segments, earlier it was only marketing black and white e-readers. These basically catered to books and magazines.

Amazon is coming into the market at a time when the Apple iPad is dominating the market. In addition it will also face stiff competition from its rival Barnes and Noble which have already a color tablet available in the market. Thus the going won’t be easy.

The Apple I Pad which was launched 2 years ago has an excellent design and the result is that it is dominating the market. But Amazon has put in a lot of effort and these will perhaps show good results afterthe15 November launch. Along with a 7” screen, IPS display, fast dual core processor the tablet is extremely light and weighs only 14.6 oz. It can be easily held in a hand and operated with ease.

One advantage this tablet will have over others is that it will easily integrate with site. This will show in the fact that it will be easy to download from Amazons Android app store. The Amazon tablet will also be easy on the net and connect to it through an Internet browser called the ‘silk’. It is claimed that this will give faster connections to the net.

All in all the Amazon Kindle Fire is likely to find its own niche in the market. Price wise it is comfortable at $199 and I will certainly recommend this latest tablet from Amazon.


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