5 Printed Marketing Materials Worth Looking Into

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It’s sad to note that with the growing popularity of the Internet and online marketing, print media has significantly reduced in use and importance. A lot of businesses today no longer use business cards, brochures, flyers, or stickers to promote their business. They have completely moved on to social media, email, and online ads. This has put great pressure on printing services to stay afloat in the business industry. Thankfully, there is still a huge percentage of the population who prefer printed ads over online ads. If most of your customers prefer printed ads, it’s best to include printed materials on your marketing campaign.

There are practically a lot of printed materials to invest in. However, now all of them will be ideal for your marketing need. It’s important that you carefully determine which material will suit your business and your budget best. Here’s a quick rundown on the printed materials worth looking into:


1. Catalog. If your customers still want to look at catalogs before making a purchase, you need to seriously consider investing in one. There are some customers who despite seeing the product on your website will still ask for a printed catalog. If you don’t have one, you can be missing on an important sale. This requires you to include the catalog in your marketing program.

2. Business cards. Go to tradeshows, networking events, meetings, and even social gatherings and people will still be asking for your card. It’s important to note that a lot of people still prefer the printed business card these days. They want the convenience of easily accessing your contact details when needed. If you don’t have printed cards, that’s less points for you. Better grab your own cards now before you start missing out on sales and profits.

3. Brochures. Even established hotels, restaurants, and other businesses today still have printed brochures. They use this when introducing their business to target customers. After all, people still walk on malls and the streets these days. They can just get a place on any of these public places and use their brochure to lure in new customers. If you want a face to face interaction with customers, you better have your brochures with you.

4. Presentation folders. Getting a polished and professional first impression requires the use of presentation folders. This folder will basically put all your printed marketing materials including your product details and perhaps a DVD presentation of your business in one organized material. When attending meetings or sales presentation this folder will surely come in handy.

5. Postcards. A simple greeting or desire to keep in touch can be cost-effectively done through postcards. It doesn’t cost a lot to create these cards so even if you are on a shoestring budget, you can afford to send them consistently. You can also use this card as invitation or to provide special offerings to your customers. An eye-popping postcard will surely draw attention easily even if placed with other mails on the mailbox.


Fortunately, there are online printing services that can help create these materials. They will help you present your business in an impressive and effective manner. With your well crafted printed materials, it will be so much easier to compete in today’s high tech business world. Invest well so you get to maximize your marketing dollars.

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