The World Economy – Who Should Really Take The Blame For Major Economic Downturns?

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Berlusconi and Panpandeu are the scapegoats of Europe’s economic quagmire. But are they really the ones who should pay for the failure of the loans granted their countries? I do not subscribe to it even if my opinion may not count at the end of the day. But the world is supposed to check if justice has been served in their cases. Economy failure should not be the fault of one person who is brought to face the public.


If justice is miscarried in this scenario, then the world has deliberately set double standards handling economic mismanagement which most times is regarded as corruption and most often if not always as as criminality. If this is really so all involved directly with the economic mishap in Greece and Italy must be brought to book. We know Japan has had so many changes of their PMs in the last few years, at least to the count; but I think it was all in their own good interest as the negative effect of these persons’ action never imparted negatively on the economy to the extent of requiring a bailout. So why all the noise about the Greek and Italian PMs. My score is that the problem is with the politicians who are feeding fat all over at the expense of the ordinary citizenry. The politicians in Greece resorted to austerity measures in order to continue feeding fat instead of looking for means to create wealth. What was the source of the Italian debt scenario? It is obvious it was greedy politicians. Governance should be about service in every part of this world, we can now see its a case of self sustaining as is the case in the Arab world – Algeria, Egypt, Libya And Syria’s shameful imposition of a government rejected by the people refusing to go after eight months of bloodshed. Africa’s Zimbabwe is another scene of imposing of power on the people rather than allowing the will of the people and God to prevail.. In almost all the scenarios painted justice could never have been served especially not how we look at them. Injustices of one form or another pervades. In Nigeria the picture is that of a country so blessed but the politicians have decided to mortgage our God given wealth with their corruption coated with things like grafts and oil subsidy which experts have told us exist only on paper and in the minds of those who created it because it benefits them. GREEDY politicians feeding Fat on the people. Who will bell – the – act? God dey is the poor man’s prayer. May Almighty God come to our aid.


So whether what we have are military dictators who transmuted to civilian democracy despots or plain civilian, as long as their military apologists and political jobbers are around them the economy they manipulate must suffer and the people they are suppose to serve must pay dearly for their presence in power. Power corrupts and their absolute power definitely corrupts absolutely. Power is something that is often very very intoxicating and anyone with access to it soon loses most of his or her sense of direction with obvious guide from those around them. So may be Mr. Berlusconi ans Mr. Panpandeau will be blameless in what transpired. In Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan may not be the one whose handwriting is on the wall on the issue of petroleum subsidy removal. Our greedy politicians are the ones writing the lyrics for him to sing. But whatever happens, there is a need not to further aggravate the already harsh economic situation and by so doing heat up the polity as the consequences may be dare not just for the President alone but also for those cohorts who are singing the chorus of oil subsidy removal.


The only way out for politicians robbing the people they should serve is to wake up to their responsibilities. What is happening in the Arab world was a very big rude awakening for those who used force to perpetuate themselves in power which they never woke from because the will of the people is mightier than guns ever so often. The politicians must wake up to their responsibilities or face the dare consequences when the people rise. The cold war going on in places where the will of the people is being subjugated is instructive enough. The Boko Haram issues has tasked every concerned Nigerian enough. People don’t just agitate even though methods adopted may not be agreeable to everyone.


Politicians and leaders of our world must become real servant leaders working for the overall benefit of their people.

The only way there will be equity in this world is for politicians to become less greedy, less self-serving, and more conscious of their responsibility towards the people they pretend to serve.


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