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In Google AdSense for Options with Blogger: Part 1 and Part 2 we learned that the FREE Blogger service gives us some nice AdSense options out of the box. Readers of Earn Money to Blog like free stuff. That’s why most of us will be running to Taco Bell on October 30th between 2pm and 5pm to claim our free taco (Taco Bell did not pay me to plug their product – although I wish they did!).

No really – they made a deal with MLB that if anyone stole a base in the World Series, America would get free tacos. And sure enough – it happened!

Enough sidetracking… we have work to do and money to make!

Options like text ad units and link units will help us begin to generate revenue for our blogs. However, there are some Google AdSense options that Blogger leaves out – fortunately these excluded options are a snap to implement. Today we’re going to take a look at one of those features called: Google AdSense for Content (Images only).

Log into your Google AdSense account and choose the AdSense for Content option.

Blogger let’s us easily place text ad units but not images. So for this exercise select the Ad unit option and pick the Images ads only choice from the drop down list.

The next page will let you configure your size, color, and corner options. Go ahead an experiment here. Remember – you can always come back and change the configuration if you’re not happy.

Once your configuration is set click continue twice, until you get to the HTML/JavaScript page. Copy the entire contents of the text box now.

Next, we’re going to log into our Blogger dashboard and go to the Layout page. Once you’re there, select Add a Page Element and choose the HTML/JavaScript option.

Now paste the HTML that you grabbed from your Google AdSense account into the form. Save your changes and presto! You’re done!

Blogger may not support image AdSense out of the box, but that doesn’t stop us from figuring out how to do it, now does it? In just a few minutes we whipped up some custom HTML/JavaScript (thanks Google!) that will place image ads on our blogs.


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