Solopreneurs: Focusing on Local

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Though big brands have had their share of the market for many years now, times are changing, and more and more people are deciding to go local and small. People are realizing that all the hype of big brands doesn’t really make them better than the small ones – it only means that they have more resources to invest in marketing and advertising their products and services.

The online world has leveled the playing field, since online marketing is relatively cheaper compared to traditional marketing. Small businesses and solopreneurs can now utilize online resources to promote and spread the word about their brand, and effectively reach hundreds, even thousands of customers and clients.

As a small business owner, however, it’s more important for you to focus on your locality first. These are the people who know you personally, whom you interact with in your community, and who can really become loyal to your brand.

And you’re not limited now to advertising on your local TV station or your newspaper. People nowadays are more often than not doing their research online, using search engines and social media.

As a solopreneur, how do you focus your online marketing on local? What are some strategies you can utilize?

1. Social media

Social media is where most people are interacting on nowadays. Facebook has over 750 million users, and millions of people log in everyday just to talk to their friends and participate in discussions. Facebook has even made some changes lately that can give local brands the advantage. The social networking site has decreased the importance of number of likes, and has emphasized engagement more through story-based content.

This means that even if a large brand has thousands of people who have liked their company page, it doesn’t mean that their posts and updates are appearing in these people’s newsfeeds. And honestly, the number of likes a company page has doesn’t really equal the number of sales.

The focus nowadays is on audience engagement. With great content, you can get more attention to your brand and get your posts appearing in your followers’ newsfeeds. When your followers are interested, they can easily share the content with their own friends, spreading the world and effectively promoting your brand.

Solopreneurs should definitely take advantage of these changes and ensure that they keep engaging their audience, especially the local ones. These are the people who are more likely to obtain your products and services, so make sure that you get them to interact with your brand by offering useful, relevant, and interesting content that encourages discussion and sharing.

2. Press Releases

Many small businesses and solopreneurs tend to overlook press releases as a means of promoting their brand, but many large brands utilize them and effectively spread their message. Truly, press releases are not only for large, national companies, but they can be very effective for small businesses as well.

When you incorporate press releases into your marketing campaign, it really helps your brand gain more attention. With enough attention given to you, these can eventually convert into more sales and clients.

Press releases can even pull the interest of your local newspaper or even TV station, who could then create a story about your small business. And nowadays, many bloggers pick up press releases for their blog posts, which can increase the links going to your site as well as bring attention to your brand.

Of course, you can’t just write a press release and hope that it gets picked up. You should also promote it through your site, through your social media accounts, and other networks. Always remember though that your press release should be noteworthy enough to gain someone’s attention, otherwise it will just be a waste of your time.

3. Blog

Blogging is a great way to get excellent content out there and promote your brand. You want to build a set of followers who are really interested in hearing what you say and who will become loyal to your brand.

When it comes to blogging, a great message is important. Create a story around your brand that helps people relate to it, and you’ll soon have brand advocates and even brand evangelists who will go the extra mile for you.

Make sure to incorporate local news and events on your blog so that the locality can effectively relate with it and become interested in following you.

Truly, solopreneurs don’t have to go very far for their customers, because their best clients are right there in their community. So make sure to use this to your advantage and focus on gaining the loyalty of your local customers.


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