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Earning money with Blogger is more fun than watching a Britney Spears meltdown (no really it is!). And today is no different as we learn how easy it is to add AdSense for Search on our Blogger blogs.

We learned in AdSense Options for Blogger: Part 1 and AdSense Options for Blogger: Part 2 that the Blogger service gives us some nice Google AdSense abilities right out of the box. In just minutes we can easily get up and running with ad and link units. But there’s more to AdSense – a lot more.

Let’s go to our Google AdSense accounts and login. Once you’re there, click on the AdSense Setup tab.

We’re presented with several Google AdSense options. You’ll notice that the first choice (minus the images option – we’ll talk about that in another article) is what we have on our Blogger blogs now: AdSense for Content. But today we’re focused on AdSense for Search, so go ahead and click on that now.

AdSense for Search is a great option for our blogs. It gives our readers the ability to search the Internet from our site, as well as our content.

Ok, we’re at the AdSense for Search screen now. Feel free to play around with the configuration options to best match your site. This is a judgment call on your part and should be tweaked, as you feel necessary. When you’re done, click next and keep the defaults for now on the following page (you can always come back and play around) and hit next again. You should see the search box code that has your html ready for you to copy and paste!

The fine folks at Google do all the hard work for us – no messy HTML for us to write! Once you’ve copied the entire contents of the text box, log into your Blogger account and navigate to the Layout of your site. From here, choose the Add a Page Element and select the HTML/Javscript option.

Go ahead and paste the HTML that you copied from the Google AdSense page into your HTML/JavaScript form and save your changes.

That’s all there is to it! In just a few minutes you were able to easily add Google’s AdSense for Search onto your Blogger blog. That wasn’t so painful now was it?

Now scram! It’s time for you to earn some money!


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