Plastic Surgery Marketing With Direct Mail

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Off line marketing is extremely expensive, that is why most companies conduct their plastic surgery marketing campaigns on the internet. However, sometimes off line marketing can be much more effective. With direct mail and local advertising you can connect better with your current clients and future clients. Most consumers like to deal with local surgeons that are easily accessible.

With your direct mail marketing campaign you can invite potential clients to visit your facilities. This gives them a first hand look at how everything works and, if possible, give them a chance to speak directly with current clients, either pre-op or after surgery. Talking to actual clients and seeing the results in real life greatly increases confidence and prompts people to take that step. Committing to plastic surgery is a big step and without this personal contact, many people who have been considering having work done, will never take that next step.

Achieving Your Goal

The goal with plastic surgery marketing is getting new clients. But, you should put that right out of mind when approaching potential clients. You do not want your campaign to be salesy. Your main focus should be on establishing a positive relationship. You want to instill confidence in your abilities as a surgeon that will give clients the look they want. You do not want them to think you are all full of hype. Consumers are constantly bombarded with sales gimmicks. You do not want to sound like just another carnival caller.

Another major thing to keep in mind is keep past and future clients informed. If you have implemented new procedures or taken a specialized course in eyebrow restructuring, let people know. And the best way to let people know is with a small flier. Fliers are relatively inexpensive, so you can send one to every one in your city and surrounding cities.

Knowing Your Potential Client Base

This inexpensive campaign will let you gauge your potential client base. Once you have an idea of who is very interested, semi interested and not interested at all, you can launch a more intense direct mail plastic surgery marketing campaign towards the people that showed an interest. How do you know who was interested and who wasn’t? With a call to action. Your inexpensive flier should include some type of reply request. You should include a coupon for a free consultation, a number to call for more information and your website address. From these three options you will have a clear view of who falls into which category.


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