Top 10 New Years’ Resolutions

Many things feature in a New Year’s resolution list but the trend is always the same on a majority of the resolutions, which many people make but never keep. A New Years’ resolution is a vow, which people make to do for the next year that they feel due to one reason or another; they did not do in the previous year before the transitioning hour. There are a number of common resolutions that most people make and are illustrated below from the least to the most common.

Being more organized is one resolution that has been heard often during the festive season. Most people want to organize their lives as they get older. Setting realistic goals is another common resolution. Goals like being more charitable, dropping things that make one to lag behind are some of the realistic goals that need to be followed. Making new partnerships and saving money are other commonly heard resolutions. Business partnerships and social relations like relationships are the most common relationships that most people vow to have. Most of these are only temporary as people do not know how to choose their partners. Another common resolution is getting a better job than the current one. Most people are constant complainers about the type of job that they have at that precise moment. Getting a new and good job is one major resolution that makes people reflect on the ending year.

Enjoying more and giving more time to oneself is also a common resolution. If one parties a lot, they vow to party less and people who never party can at least go out twice a month. Getting rid of habits such as smoking and drinking can also be found in the long resolution list. Most people vow to cut down on their alcohol intake mostly in a month and the number of cigarette sticks they smoke in a day. The top three most common resolutions are arguably reduce ones debt, lose weight or keep fit and healthy and, the ultimate one, spend more time with family members and love ones. People put this at the top of the list to remind them of how hard keeping resolutions is. Getting out of debt is important for a new year for the family that one wants to spend more time with and should keep healthy and fit for his/her own sake and that of their families.

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