Rules For Christmas Regifting

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As the countdown to Christmas begins, so does the mad scramble to buy a gift for every special person on that shopping list. Budgets get tighter, nerves get shorter, and suddenly that unopened shower set you received last year looks mighty tempting to wrap up and “re-gift.” Don’t be ashamed – there are many valid reasons to consider re-gifting, and it is actually quite simple to pull off. Just follow these rules and guidelines, and never again be embarrassed to recycle your unwanted gifts.

  • Consider the reason you are giving this item away in the first place: is it horribly tacky? Poor quality? Inappropriately re-gifted to you? If you did not use the gift for any of these reasons, then do not pass it on to someone else. It would find a more appropriate home at a thrift store that accepts donations, or in next week’s trash collection.

  • Evaluate the anticipated response of the person you’re re-gifting to this Christmas. If they are known to have extremely expensive or picky tastes, it may be better to just give them a gift card. If you know they will not like it, choose another person on your list who would appreciate it more.

  • Presentation is essential. Only re-gift presents that are unopened, in good condition, and not missing any pieces. That dog-eared paperback collecting dust on your bookshelf should not ever be considered. Furthermore, gift bags are okay to reuse, but take last year’s wrapping paper to the recycling center and splurge on a new package.

  • The biggest mistake you could possibly make is re-gifting to the original gift giver. Make sure that not only are you giving to a different person, but that the original gift giver is not closely associated with them. If you can not remember who gave it to you, don’t even think about giving it away this year – donate or use it instead. Strictly following this rule will save you a lot of unwanted stress and embarrassment.

Never be ashamed to give your recycled gifts – as long as you’ve followed these foolproof guidelines, you have nothing to worry about. You have shortened your shopping list, helped the environment, and hopefully made someone you know very happy.


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