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The film ends that have not sting, but the toxin remains. if you end up wanting to see your hero has the shit kicked out of him, you know you’re watching a bad movie. Michel Gondry, obviously, is an incredible director, is a visionary. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind one of the best films of the last decade, by far the best film of 2004.The science of sleep (2006) is beautiful. The Green Hornet is evil and full of himself, but mostly I blame Seth Rogen for this. Rogen co-wrote, co-produced and stars as Britt Reid, our hero (?), Which places a trenchcoat and a mask and fights crime by posing as a criminal. I have no problem with the story at all, I’m a fan of the series The Green Hornet radio program and all the other incarnations of it. However, seeing him to this level without embarrassment makes me wonder why I had to do first. My guess is that it was designed only as a vehicle for Rogen, who did not even make sense because the public already knows. He is famous, and can open a movie on their own.

In addition to missing Baristo career as a star, Kato is a joke of nature and modern martial arts weapons expert / technical. Part of the story hints at both Reid and Kato to discover their full potential, but nothing indicates the real story is about to be overcome in order to make room for big action sequences and dialogue unnecessary. Waltz (who won Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Inglourious Basterds) plays Chudnofsky, and he has difficulty keeping up with interest, has never been out of work, of course, but not too much to do. Cameron Diaz is the role of little embarrassing Reid, the secretary and love, and will be tasked to look attractive and have a nice body.

There are certainly a few valuable things about the film, nothing out of your way, but you know they are there. If someone suggests watching a bad movie for the night, you can say, “What about The Green Hornet?” Know that there is at least something to enjoy. A lot of fun as Kato Chou, and always watchable, Waltz did the best he can with the character of thin paper, he gave, and Franco cameo alone is worth the price of admission. Another good thing to see the film on DVD is coming soon, c is that you do not have to suffer in 3D. Most 3D films are used only to make the dimmer, while most of the colors in The Green Hornet is green and black as standard; 3D is useless.

Britt Reid grew up with a strict father, played by a two-step anti-aging Wilkinson, Tom, editor of the Daily Sentinel, a newspaper that went down. We meet with Reid as a young boy who comes into school fights several times, but always with good intentions. After Reid’s father is found dead twenty years later (and Wilkinson looks exactly the same age as 20 years before), Reid inherited the newspaper and takes control. Meanwhile, a criminal mastermind named Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz) owns underground of the city and takes off his competitors one by one. At the time, Reid is all grown up, Chudnofsky have no competitors. He killed the last in the opening scene (with a nice cameo James Franco). Chudnofsky just that people think it is scary. If he continues to kill everyone, however, soon nobody will be left to his fear, I do not think anyone told him.

Reid’s best friend is a Chinese man named Kato (Jay Chou), his father’s auto mechanic. Kato is a damn good cup of coffee, too.


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