The 127 * 60 Minutes.

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The success of a film can be found in life after death, in turn by James Franco, the actor, who so far have had the opportunity to offer something in this deep. It ‘was excellent before, we believe that the TV movie James Dean (2001), and Pineapple Express (2008), and has also managed to save the city from the sea (2002) did not sink, a feat that should never be mentioned when speaks of Franco’s career. But here, just like the other two performances this year (like Natalie Portman, Black Swan, and Christian Bale in the fighter), it’s unrecognizable, although its appearance has not changed at all. Its extraction is so deep and so emotional that we become aware of the real protagonist, and placed there, because the canyon, between a rock and a hard place, cutting their arms with them. It’s an awesome job, but after that it is an important job.

Most of my complaints about the approach of director Danny Boyle for his films over the years are not valid in it. What made Slumdog Millionaire (1998), was so choppy editing, but that’s exactly what keeps this film becomes too difficult to handle. It has an excellent rate – elegant, in fact – and so intrusive that the score of AR Rahman for Slumdog was his work here is both beautiful and thoughtful. Without drawing attention to themselves, building techs (cinematography outbreak, rapid changes, the score calm mixed with the brash pop soundtrack) our world, even more than the canyon itself.

There is never a measure of a man, or what lengths they go to save his life, a theme commonly found in neo-Grindhouse cinema, it is classified in this part of Grindhouse, but it is a new form, I think . What do you think that the film is a journey not a destination, smooth rhetoric considering our setting is the goal, and requires only a length of titles to attain. 127 hours is a compulsively watchable and endlessly entertaining, brilliantly executed in a script, a great lead performance, and to consider significantly composed and Techs.

Aron hallucinations after a few days, starving, dying of thirst, physically exhausted, and is short of time. The inevitable happens, and it hurts to sit through, but what happens next makes it all worth it. Determined by the value of life, and I felt like I was no longer any reason for concern. When the constant cringing, I was brought to tears of joy. Groundwork was created by Franco and the crew has built magnificently and never leaves alone until you get stale, yet no more than five days, and is quite impressive in and of itself.


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