Do I Need Financial Planning Services?

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for example, to fund education, income protection through the planning for the needs of business and planning to meet future retirement needs.

Cursory look easy, but if we explore further, it turns out the facts show that very many people who have financial problems in both the present and (especially) in the future, funds that have been planned turned out to not enough actual condition of our financial needs.

A plan will be meaningful if the results turned out to fit even planning it would be nice if it could exceed the actual condition of our financial needs. Thus the financial decisions taken have great benefits for himself and his beloved family.

So perenanaan finance is a tool (tools) in order to achieve their financial needs today and in the future. In the end everyone will have the financial freedom or financial freedom.

Classification of Financial Goals

In doing financial planning, each individual or family must have different financial goals, but can we classify as follows:

1. Financialprotectionofnaturalrisks(Protectionplanning): 

  • Diedtoo early; 
  • Loss ofabilitydue todisability;
  • The cost ofmedicalcaredue toagetoolong; 
  • Loss ofpropertyorassets;
  • Loss ofincome or employmentdue toillnessor accident.

2. Accumulated funds (investment planning):

  • Provision of an emergency fund (emergency fund)

  • Planning education funding

  • Routine funding requirements and funding holidays

  • The need for business

3. Managementof debt(DebtPlanning&debtmanagement):

  • Plan a productive rather than consumptive debt

  • Or a family escape from debt bondage.

4. Tax planning (Tax planning):

  • During the life

  • After death

5. Planning funds for retirement (Retirement Planning):

  • Running a retirement hobby

  • Additional funding of medical preparations

6. Planning inheritance (Wealth Distribution & estate planning):

  • Leaving a lot of property and suppress the potential for family conflict

  • Planning growth and distribution of property

Now its time to assess objectively whether my family and I’ve been doing financial planning of the six items above classification?, If it is what has been done with optimal?, If not and you are not sure whether it is optimal or not, if so then you absolutely need the services of planners finance.


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