The Importance of Entrepreneurship Pillar, Communications, And IT

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With these three pillars, the college will create a visionary and modern. These three pillars are also considered very relevant, current, and aktisipatif to challenges and the times.

Entrepreneurship pillar is intended to create self-reliance and the ability of graduates to work in creating jobs. In many countries, entrepreneurship has become a paradigm for the development of economic independence and human resources of a nation.

Even in the university world, a shift in discourse and orientation of the research university or university-based research into entrepreneurial university or university-based entrepreneurship.

Universities should seriously develop a pillar of entrepreneurship by providing business briefing for new student motivation, entrepreneurship courses, the competition of business creativity, and business proposals. In addition, there are also internships entrepreneurship, seminars, discussions, visits to industry, business incubator, providing access to venture capital for graduates, business consulting and the creation of an atmosphere that encourages the spirit of the entrepreneur.

Meanwhile, the pillars of communication can be realized through improved English language skills of students, with the benchmark TOEFL / TOEIC score, the establishment of Home Toastmasters Club, as well as student participation in various Classic Speech Contest.

The third pillar, which is realized through the implementation of e-learning models are equipped with facilities Iearning e-Iibrary, multimedia equipment in every classroom and video conference, supported by an integrated information system for managing student activities, academic, financial, new admissions and lectures.

to achieve World Class University, priorities does is increase the academic quality of students and faculty, services, facilities and infrastructure, research and community service as well as maintaining the quality of graduates. In addition, universities must also be ready to face the challenges of the strategic environment to constantly make adjustments and innovations in the values​​, work culture and work ethic.

The Importance of facilitation efforts should be made by the youth programs and institutions of science and technology incubator area. Youth science and technology program intended to encourage youth creativity, while the regional incubator intended to facilitate and assist the would-be entrepreneurs, in order to develop new ventures creative.Pillar, Communications, and IT.


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