Sit Around The Table And Quit Your Stress

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Modern man is too busy to sit and talk with his own people. He is running aftermoney. He is running after his own selfish pleasures.

Modern life is restless

From his earliest existence man has been following the sun for his time of work and rest. But today, the anchor of time in man’s life has been shifted from the seasons, the sun, and stars to precision instruments with digital accuracy. Today everything is fast. Communication is fast; technology is fast; work is fast. Man has to run with faster technology for survival- not to be thrown out by the theory “survival of the fittest”. Instant information technology has made him run on his heels always, without any time to sit and rest.

But this running after things has made man’s life so busy and pressured that he is deprived of healthy relationships. Stress has made him depressed and sick in body, mind and soul.
Man is trying to catch the leaves and fruits on tree top severing himself from the roots at bottom! He has forgotten the family in search of his quick money. Dining tables which graced the family union is cannot see all the family members together.

Sit around the table

Sit around the table at least once in a week to strengthen the relationships, personally and socially. The dining table in a family has got great role to play in building up relationships and relieving stress by sharing. Importance of eating together as a family is being neglected in modern lifestyle. The dinner table is meant for families to really sit down and talk to each other. Over the dinner table, all the family members can share the day’s experiences and feel the warmth of real love. They can exchange the soothing remedy of funny things that have happened that day. Generations can be enlightened with the things that have been learned or even the tiniest events that made a difference to entire day.

Sitting around the table with family members improves your health

1) Sitting around the dinner table together with family members improves your health in so many ways.

2) You are relaxed by sharing. Your stress is relieved. Stress is the most dangerous killer of modern lifestyle.

3) Sitting together and having fun makes you eat better. It helps one another to care for healthy eating.

4) It provides your family stability which modern lifestyle is losing. This stability only can give your children a sense of control in their lives. This is the healthiest way to build up the next generation healthy.

5) Several scientific studies have revealed that there is a significant positive correlation between a family’s eating habits and the amount of conflict they experience.

Sit around the table and quit all your worries

Try this remedy at home at your convenient time and make all the members of your family healthy in body, mind and soul. Even if you cannot do this every night, consider making it a tradition once in a week, preferably on Sundays. Moms can take the initiative for this important weekly event. As Psalm 128:3 says, “Your wife will be like a fruitful grapevine, flourishing within your home. Your children will be like vigorous young olive trees as they sit around your table.


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