Healthy Eating Habits Will be Many Benefits to Our Physical And Mental Health

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Therefore we need to develop healthy eating habits, building blocks for our health. Best diet prescription for dietary therapy of diabetic patients.

  Studies have shown that eating an egg every morning, not only does not increase cholesterol, also make people eating fewer calories in one day, before you lose weight. Provides high quality protein in eggs, and also contains 12 vitamins and minerals, including b vitamins help improve memory. High-fiber, high protein, heart and aging resistance, these are all benefits of nuts. But because of too high a fat content, eat in moderation is the key.Eat more beans are good for the heart, it contained no soluble fiber can effectively lower cholesterol, other soluble fiber can help body and rubbish. In addition, legume food also contains protein, carbohydrates, magnesium and potassium. Experts suggest that edible legume food in at least 3 times a week or more. This vegetable is broccoli good common, contains vitamins a, c, and vitamin k is good for bone growth. Even under normal circumstances are only found in carrots, yellow plants such as oranges? grow sturdily-carotene, also abound in the broccoli.

  Dishes less oil oil less less salt people with diabetes should be selected less salt of bland food, dishes cooked by steaming, boiling, shredded, Shabu Shabu, stewing, halogen and other means. Cooking should be treated with vegetable oil to minimize dinner. At dinner time to try to eat at home in accordance with the usual amount and mix of foods to select meals. Eat meat, eat less “is not scientific it was felt that meat protein, rice is the sugar, so eating meat does not cause blood sugar to rise. But meats can also turn into sugar in the body and provide fat. Cholesterol intake should be less than 200 mg per day in patients with diabetes, to restrict animal fat and saturated fatty acids-containing high fat intake, eat less fat and fried food and pig, chicken, duck, pork kidney with food, liver, kidney and other organ meats class.

  Dining eating regular attention to law, at least eat three meals a day, and scheduled and quantitative, to 4-5 hours between meals. Injection of insulin in patients or a patient susceptible to hypoglycemia should be between three meals jiacan 2-3 May part take out food from the dinner three times jiacan, effective measures is to prevent low blood glucose.

  Sugar-free cakes in order to control sugar-free cakes do not contain sugar, but pastry is made of starch, will also produce heat, so just eat. Eating whole grains on the premise of controlling total calories, carbohydrates should be the total heat around 55% per cent. In the diet, in patients with diabetes mellitus are advised to choose complex carbohydrates and whole grains, particularly rich in high-fiber vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and so on. For diabetic patients, and to strictly limit sugar intake, such as sucrose, maltose, glucose and sugar-containing foods with more. In order to improve the flavor, diabetic patient use produces no calorie sweeteners, such as xylitol.


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