5 Home Remedies For Dry Skin

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Dry skin may be something you have lived with for your entire life without really bothering to do anything about it. But if you are like most women, you will likely wish your skin was not quite so dry, and will likely be on the lookout for skin care products that would ease the condition. The good news is, there are ways to get around your dry skin without spending a fortune, and also without risking unnecessary side effects. Many home remedies have been known to ease the problem of dry skin without burning a hole in your pocket—or on your skin.

1. Olive oil – The ancient civilizations may have been onto something when they discovered the value of the olive plant. Crushing the olives in what they called olive presses caused the oils to come out over several stages. The first oil released, known as extra-virgin olive oil, were used primarily as medicine, while the next batch was used for topical treatments and cleansing-related treatments. Indeed, the use of olive oil for the skin has been around ever since the Egyptian civilization. For modern use, olive oil continues to be hailed as an effective moisturizer, as it penetrates deep into your skin. Extra-virgin olive oil is considered the best for skin care; apply it after your shower to keep the moisture locked in. Unfortunately, you might not like smelling like a fried egg throughout the day, so you can actually mix some lemon or other essential oils before you apply the olive oil.

2. Baking soda – Baking soda is another kitchen cupboard item that seems to be effective at treating a myriad of ailments, including dry skin. To apply it to your skin, make a paste with a little baking soda mixed with water, and then apply it on the affected areas. If you want to enjoy overall relief, you can soak in a tub of water mixed with one cup of baking soda. Just remember to apply moisturizer after such a bath or even after applying some baking soda to small skin areas.

3. Oatmeal – Before you excitedly snip off the package of your instant oatmeal sachet hoping for a quick cure for dry skin, listen up: the oatmeal used for skin care are plain oats, not the sugar-laden version that comprises our instant cooking oatmeal. You can use plain oatmeal either as a face mask or as a bath. You can choose to cook the oatmeal or use it raw, as it apparently works both ways, but you will need to find what works best for you. If you choose to use uncooked oatmeal, add egg whites or honey to achieve the sticking consistency you need. If you want, you can actually add olive oil or baking soda to your oatmeal mask for an even higher efficacy in fighting dry skin. When it comes to oatmeal baths, you will need colloidal oats, or oats which have been ground into a fine powder, to make them dissolve in the water. You can actually do this yourself, using a blender, a coffee grounder, or a food processor. Once you have this powder-form of oatmeal, put it in your bath and enjoy. Just be sure to apply moisturizer after your bath.

4. Apple cider vinegar – This is also a well-known product that does well to improve your skin when added to a bath. Of course, this tends to smell even more strongly than the fried-egg smell of olive oil, so you will probably enjoy it more when you add some sweet-smelling oils, like rosemary or lavender. After your bath, remember to moisturize.

5. Coffee grounds – This is probably the least expected product for a home remedy for dry skin. What coffee grounds do, though, is to act as an exfoliating agent. When you shower, just rub the affected areas with coffee grounds. Of course, you can put the coffee grounds inside a muslin bag, as you cannot exactly just hold them in your hands. Use this bag as an exfoliating agent during your shower, helping you remove dead, dry skin cells. Once again, be sure to moisturize after your shower.

Hopefully you can find a favorite remedy among these top 5 performers for fighting dry skin. The best part is that you do not even need to head out to skin care shops anymore as all of these are easily found in the pantry!


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