Finding A Good Military Car Shipping Company

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Finding A Good Military Car Shipping Company

Being a person in the Armed Forces, you have, no doubt, become familiar with finding yourself faced with another PCS (Permanent Change of Station). If you’re lucky, your orders will include the authorization for the military to move your vehicle, but if not, you’ll need a military car shipping company to move your car. Even if you’re only transferring temporarily, you might be there long enough to make having your car or truck with you worthwhile. The thing you need now is a safe, cheap and trustworthy way to ship your vehicle so that it gets there when you do.

Searching the Internet to find a good military car shipping company can be a real nuisance, but one of the easiest ways is to fill out a single form and get several quotes at once. This saves you the headache of having to find all of the military car shipping companies yourself. Using this method is one of the quickest ways to get a handful of quotes, which saves you time so you can get back to packing for the move.

Unlike when the military ships your vehicle (especially overseas), military car transporters generally recommend that you have your car completely empty. The reason for this is that they are not licensed to transport anything other than vehicles, so any household items you leave in the vehicle can cause problems for the auto transporter. More importantly, by not having anything in the vehicle when it’s shipping, you won’t have to worry about anything getting stolen during transport. Additionally, it will cost you less to ship your vehicle, as it won’t weigh as much.

Here are some tips to get the best deal from a military car shipping company:

* Compel to Compete. As a military person, you need to make sure that every dollar stretches as far as possible and this includes getting the best deal on transporting your car or truck. Don’t be afraid to pit the various auto transporters against each other. Let them know that you have several quotes and ask them why their service is better. Let them also compete on price, but do not choose a company based on price alone.

* Ask for a Military Discount. Don’t be too proud to ask for a military discount; You deserve it. A good military car shipping company appreciates your service to our country and should be happy to give you their lowest price, but remember, you usually get what you pay for. The company with the lowest price often isn’t the best value when you compare company ratings and the level of service that you get.

* Look for Hidden Charges. One of the ways that companies can make their price seem lower is to quote you their basic rate. It’s usually in the fine print that the base rate doesn’t include everything and you’ll find that you’ll be paying more than expected. It’s a lot like when car rental companies will quote you a price, but fail to tell you that the price doesn’t include service fees, cleaning fees, concierge fees, and so on. Make sure you ask the auto transporter to spell out all of the fees involved.

* Negate the Non-Negotiation. Don’t fall for what some companies call their ‘no haggle’ pricing. Everything can be negotiated. If their no haggle price and service is the best of all your quotes, then you’re probably dealing with a reputable company that knows the current market price for their service, but often, “no haggle” simply means that it’s a clever marketing ploy, so be wary.

* Get References. Ask your co-workers, friends and family if they have used a military car shipping company before and if they have any recommendations. Even if they can’t recommend a particular company because of a bad experience, they’ll likely have suggestions on what to look out for. Sometimes, this advice can be just as valuable.


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