How to Care For a Rabbit

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The rabbit diet consists of two basic elements that must be well balanced to promote good health:

Hay and grass

Vegetables and fruit fresh

The Basics of Nutrition: Hay and Grass

The hay and grass are the only foods that can be given at will, even these foods should never miss

To adults it is recommended to administer the polifita hay, or from fields in which different types of herbs are grown.

The hay must be fresh and well preserved when you open the package must not perfume smelling sour or mildew, nor should it be visibly dusty.

 The grass – not only wireless but all the grass in the grass field, or anything that can be found in an uncultivated field – is the ideal fo

vitamins and Water: Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should be washed at room temperature. The vegetables, the hiring of additional grass makes a good level of water and vitamins in the diet.

The carrot should be offered in small quantities and not more than twice a week, since it is very caloric and slightly astringent

Beware of parsley – because it is toxic – and herbs such as rosemary and sage that, when administered in large quantities, can irritate the stomach and intestines

The broccoli and cabbage are offered only in small quantities.

The fruit is supplied in small quantities and only rabbits that have obesity-related problems .The maximum amount of fruit that can be offered is 1 tablespoon per 2 pounds of weight per day.

They always preferred fruits rich in fiber : fruits, melons, apples, pineapple, papaya, mango

And ‘well do not leave perishable foods in the cage for more than a few hours.

As for water, many rabbits prefer to drink straight from the bowl, so you should leave available. If it is apparent that the rabbit does not drink, then it should be administered by a special drink.

Warning: new foods

Any changes in diet – and particularly the inclusion of new plant – should be done gradually, offering small amounts of new foods, watching carefully the rabbit droppings and appetite in the days following the introduction

.Behavior and Cleaning

And ‘rabbit habit of gnawing -. To avoid dangerous or is orientated towards objects which may cause damage to the environment where he lives (walls, electrical wires, etc..) It is advisable to make available acherry branch without bark, or any other branch provided fruit tree does not produce resin or latex.There are also many commercially available wooden toys (not colored) from the rabbit to chew.

Even paper and cardboard are fine, better than whites, since it is used bleach to whiten the paper: the inside of the roll of toilet paper or paper towels are great games and can be filled with hay, pellets and chopped fruit or vegetables, so that the rabbit should look for food and “conquer”.

The bottom of the cage should be covered with newspaper or better still with pellets of recycled paper, corn cob, with no chips or sand that is used as bedding for cats. This is because rabbits often have the habit of ingesting chips that can often host pests. The sand for the cat litter does not decompose in the intestines of the rabbit and form plugs that can cause intestinal blockages

The cage should be cleaned every day, using water and vinegar, maybe not in the presence of the rabbit, as would be seen as a violation of his private space. To get it out, you can lure him with food or a game and, while in another room, clean the cage , taking care to rinse very well

Note: Do not ever pick up the rabbit by lifting from the top: the rabbit recalls the act of predation by a raptor and produces a reflection that “freezing” the rabbit gets scared and does not move.

For the rabbit, get used to the litter box is pretty simple: they love to take refuge in corners of rooms to eliminate, because they feel protected. And ‘well then place the boxes right in those areas, taking care to at least partially down the edge of the box (cut into 2 cm) to facilitate entry. Among the boxes, the one you usually use to cats.

Better confine initially the rabbit just adopted in a room, so take it slowly familiar with the environment.


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