Money With Sponsored Tweets

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This is a proven method , sure to bring some extra cash for anyone who follows it, even though I’m orienting this tutorial for newbies. I’ll clear here step by step everything about the method so that everyone is able to follow it, mentioning everything you need to know and also giving all the tips known by me for maximum efficiency.

[The only paid tool you’ll need for this is scrapebox (most likely you can replace it with other free tool, but on this tutorial I’ll be using scrapebox).]

[It may also be worth mentioning that all your payments will be received to your paypal account.]

Step 1:

I’ll try to don’t go into much deep on this step, as if I did it would be worth another thread.

So first of all you need a twitter account, any account will be good to start, but not any twitter account will work to cash out, you’ll need one with at least 60 days old, have at least 50 followers and 100 status updates.

(if you’re account fulfills this requirements feel free to advance to step 2)

Now there is many ways you can do this, one of them and the easiest one is to buy a twitter account with those requirements, you can find them for sale here at BHW on the BST section for example.

Though if you want to do this with no costs you can simply register one yourself on and let it age for two months, making regular updates on the meantime and gathering followers yourself.

The followers will be particularly important and the more the merrier as this will make you more attractive to advertisers. For my method you don’t need targeted followers (basically you don’t even need followers, but it helps), just get them the cheapest, crappiest way you can (,, others like this), I won’t extend on this matter further more, search the forum and you’ll find lots of better techniques for this.

Step 2:

Now that you have your twitter account fully operational for our business, you will need to get a SponsoredTweets tweeter account, this is a pretty easy step and all you need to do is go to and sing-up for a tweeter account, you’ll be using your twitter account to signup and to sign-in every time in the future.

Step 3:

You will now setup your ST account for maximum efficiency, sign-up to your new account and click the “my account” tab and make sure content rating is set to everyone, clickwatch is enabled, the charge per tweet value is the same or bellow the suggested price and you’ve picked good keywords, you can pick only ten, make sure you pick keywords that may have lots of advertisers and low competition.

At first you won’t be receiving many pay per tweet offers, which is what this settings will help you with, but later on you’ll see the importance of this.

Step 4:

Still logged in your account check the opportunities tab the highest paying pay per click offers (if you have a pay per tweet offer pick that one too, but I doubt you do and if you do it won’t be worth much), pick as much as you want/can, but if the cost per click is too low you will be working for pennies (even though it will show results in the future as it will raise your suggested cost per tweet).

Follow the instructions and wait till the opportunity moves to the completed tab.

Step 5:

Ok, so here is the time where the “black hating” enters the game and if you want to, you can skip this step and you’ll be making money as well and it will be totally white hat, though unless you have a very good twitter account full of targeted and real quality followers you’ll be making 0,XX$ instead of XXX$.

You need scrapebox or a similar tool able to scrape and test proxies as well as ping urls and fake the referral. What you do now is simple first you scrape and test some proxies (as much as you can) and then use the pinging tool, using as referrer hxxp:// or hxxp:// and as the sites to ping the urls found in the tweets you’ve just made on the previous step.

Do this night and day and soon the suggested price for you to charge per tweet will be above 50$, if you keep the cpt bellow that and pay attention to the aspects pointed on Step 3 you are sure to start receiving high paypertweet opps and even if you don’t (though I’m 99% sure you will if you follow my tips, personally I receive pay per tweet opportunities worth +90$) you’ll be still cashing from the payperclick opps (this can cash even more in cases…).

Step 6:

Cash out!
Remember that pay per click offers take up to one month to clear and become available for payout, besides the amount you’ll receive here will depend on your work, while pay per tweet offers are available for cash out as soon as the cpc reaches 1.50$ (if you are being paid 15$ you need to get them 10 clicks)


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