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I use numerous different methods to generate traffic which include Emailing, E-whoring, Banner Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Chat, Youtube, Porntube and Offline Marketing but for this post I will only be talking about my emailing campaigns and methods.

After doing some research I chose a dating site with an affiliate program that looked good. Before I signed up I contacted one of the affiliate managers. Here is what I said;


Hello. I currently work with some other online dating sites. My question is this, I send alot of traffic to them by means of emailing. My emails are not opt-in but I do try to stay as compliant as possible. I always include an opt-out link, an ICAN disclaimer and I subtract suppression lists for each email blast. However if too many complaints come in, I make myself a new account, he terminates my old one and transfers my funds over to the new account. Then I start again. I do well and they’re all happy with my conversion rates so it’s a win-win.

I was wanting to know if you might be interested in ‘testing out my traffic’ and if happy with the results if we could work out a similar type of arrangement? If not, no worries. I just feel like being honest about this stuff from the very start is the way to go.

They agreed to ‘test’ the traffic and ended up being happy with the results. I have been with this particular company for just over 2 years now.

I use 3 different affiliate accounts with them. The first 2 accounts I use strictly for emailing. The 3rd one is only used for other forms of traffic (banner ads, facebook, youtube, offline stuff, etc.) This 3rd account consistently makes more money than the first 2 accounts but those methods are just too much to cover in a single post so I will save that for another day.

Most of my emails are scraped from the web. I do not target any specific keywords or niches. I lease a few Windows VPS’ and on each one of them I install a good email scraper. I then load up lists of common words and names for search keywords and let the scrapers run 24/7.

I get lots of scraped emails every day this way. From here I remove the duplicates and then parse out any emails that I have already sent an email to. I normally use Send-Safe List Manager to do this. Afterward I split the list into parts and import them to some Linux VPS’ with Interspire (IEM) installed. As they are being imported the lists are scrubbed against my list of spam traps and suppression emails. Then I send out a very simple email to the lists. It’s normally something like this;


Subject: Hi
Message: Hey. How are things? We may be getting down there to your neck of the woods soon so maybe we can all go grab a bite to eat or something. I’ll keep you posted. Talk to you soon, Dan

Most of the time the people will think it is someone they have talked to before or think it was sent to them by mistake. But since it isn’t trying to sell them something, most people will just delete it after reading it. The important thing here is that most of them will not mark it as spam so the VPS’ I use to send out these initial emails don’t get blacklisted very quickly.

By doing this I can effectively parse out most of the bounced back emails and end up with a clean, valid email list to send to which are free from all my known spam traps and suppression emails. I then export the cleaned emails to another set of VPS’ which are used for sending my actual online dating ads.

I try to keep my ads pretty short. They all say something like this,


Largest Singles Site in the World
Over 30 Million Members
Free to Join

To unsubscribe click here
** ICAN Disclaimer **

It’s always best to try and stay as compliant as possible when emailing. You can email any business or person without consent as long as you follow the ICAN rules. As long as you clearly state the purpose of your message, how you acquired their email address and your contact details (name, address, phone, etc) you should be okay. Some dating sites won’t care whether you are compliant or not but it’s best to err on the side of caution because emailing can be a dangerous game to play. I’ve never had any problems but it’s something I am very meticulous about.

The (PPL) campaigns I normally use only pay for every free signup. I start at $2 per free lead until I get my first paid signup. The pay rate fluctuates depending on my free to paid ratio. They pay out every 2 weeks so what I normally do is send emails for the first 7 days to my 1st account. Then I switch to my 2nd account and email to that one for the next 7 days. Then I loop back to the 1st and start over. By doing it this way, my 1st account gets lots of free signups for the first week then during the 2nd week some of those free joins start to convert to paid members. This makes my conversion ratio better for that pay period. So no matter what, I am guaranteed to get at least $2 for each free lead but most of the time I end up at $3 – $4 per lead before the pay period ends. In this type of affiliate marketing what I make is always different due to fluctuations in conversions and how many free signups I get. However I will say that money is no longer something I have to worry about.

There are tons of dating sites out there with affiliate programs. When choosing one I would recommend signing up directly with them and not through one of the large affiliate networks like (CJ, Azoogle or MaxBounty). One big thing you need to look into when signing up for any affiliate site is what other affiliate marketers are saying about them. The hard part is finding one that doesn’t shave much and where your conversions, signups and stats stay pretty consistent over time. If you try one that you make lots of money with at first, then you notice a drastic drop in conversions, 9 times out of 10 they have started shaving alot and they are not a company you want to stay with.

The one I use stays very consistent and pays me every 2 weeks like clockwork. They keep my info safe, forward any complaint emails to me so I can add them to my suppression list and let me know when if need to make a new account. They also offer lots of nice promos. Right now they have an $80 PPS campaign until the end of Sept (I’m currently running it instead of my normal PPL).

I’m not going to mention the name of the dating site here because my affiliate manager probably wouldn’t appreciate it if after this thread gets indexed, all the search engines started showing that they were Blackhat friendly. But if you want to give them a try, send me a message and I’ll tell you in private.


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