5 Niche Steps to Make Money by Blogging

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Niche Niche means a known fact, a special corner. Obviously every blogger would like to make money on the net if possible. But to make money on the net, you will have to attune yourself to the needs of the situation. In other words you will have to follow what is known as niches to blog successfully. Yes! You can make money on the net, but you will have your work cut out for you.

People generally feel that once you start blogging money will flow in easily. It however doesn’t happen that way and till you carve a niche for yourself in the field of blogging you are unlikely to make money blogging. Here are 5 steps that will help you make money by blogging on the net.

earn money blogging 5 Steps to Earn Money Blogging

Carving a Niche Blog

Your blog is the essence of your marketing theme. You will need to choose a niche blog that attracts readers. More likely if the blog is mundane and drab, readers are likely to just scatter away and won’t come back to your blog and as a corollary, you won’t make money. The subject matter of your blog is important. Don’t choose a medley of topics without a recurrent theme. It’s most likely to confuse the reader. Hence concentrate on a specific theme or subject that will appeal to the mass of readers.

A niche blog on a specific subject will more likely attract a reasonable clientele who will come back again and again to your blog. So be innovative and make your blog from the viewpoint of the reader.


Once you have decided on a niche blog, this step is easy. Your blog must flexible. It means it must be changeable to the needs of the readers and for that you will have to follow the types of readers who are frequenting your blog.  Since you will be blogging on a specific theme, making your blog adaptable to the needs of the readers is a lot easier.

Remember to drive traffic to your blog; you must make it adaptable to what the readers want to make money blogging.

Getting Ads

Obviously if no one advertises on your blog, you won’t make money blogging.   Hence getting Ads is of paramount importance. For this to happen, you will have to make your blog attractive for advertisers to come in. In case you have a recurrent theme and thread, the chances of advertisers coming in are much more in case you have no theme and write in a random manner on a variety of subjects. Advertisers will come to niche blogs and then you will have an even chance to make money on the net. The dice is then loaded in your favor.

Roping in Search Engines

You can’t make any money on your blog without search engines backing you up. Remember the aim of search engines is to provide cogent and relevant information to their readers. Hence you will have to target search engines with specific keywords that must amplify what you have written in your niche blog.  Search engines are very conducive to niche blogs and if you play the rules of the game properly, search engines will be your asset to making money on the net.

Monetize your Blog

The last step is to monetize your blog. The name of the game is to make money blogging and that is possible in case you have a niche blog, good Ads and search engines to back you. To put this into practice you will have to select a proper topic, so Ads flow in and readers follow up on the Ads. Link your niche blog to one of the pay engines and you are on your way.

One can make money on the net, but start of with a niche blog and the rest will fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle.


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