3 Best Alternatives to Google Adsense

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Google Adsense is the king of sites as far as money blogging is concerned. Its reach is phenomenal and covers the entire globe. It is what is known as a PPC or pay-per-click site. But sometimes an advertiser may not be satisfied with Google Adsense. As an example Google will not allow sites with sexual content and Viagra.

There are others who find it difficult to get accredited to Google Adsense for the reason that the site is small or just launched.  Some people also may not be happy with a minimum payout of $100.What do these people do? For such people other sites are available and can serve the purpose. Three of the important sites are discussed below

technorati media 3 Best Alternatives to Google Adsense

Technorati Media

This site is often used as a substitute for Google Adsense.  The site was launched in 2008 and has grown into a site having a viewership of over 60 million. This site pays by both PayPal or check and the minimum accumulated payment paid out is $ 50. This can be a help to small time bloggers. The site publishes advertisement in 3 basic formats of size 160 x 600, 300 x 250, 728 x 90 and the advertisements are integrated with the site.

The site claims a national sales team with excellent back up. So in case you for any reason want an alternative to Google, then Technorati Media is a good option


It  is another of the recent sites and also follows the PPC format. In terms of figures Kontera is not a match on Google Adsense, but it services 15,000 publishers per day. 99 % of these publishers are satisfied with the high quality of the site. The site however is more relevant in case you have at least 70% of the traffic from the United States of America.

Kontera formulates in text Ads and is in a position to give you sustained traffic for your site. The best part is that you get paid the moment your amount due touches $ 50. Kontera gives quality content and no extra work is required on your web site and no changes are made to accommodate the Ads. They also have an excellent reporting system that allows you to keep track of your earnings.

Ad Brite

This is another site that can be a substitute to Google Adsense. In addition this site does not treat Ads on sex and Viagra as taboo and it has in general a no holds barred approach. The site located in San Francisco in a short time has grown to immense proportions. Unlike Adsense e this site is more Ad friendly and one can target audiences with full-page and larger Ads. This gives the advertisers greater reach.

The site has a minimum payout of only 20 dollars and the payments are made once in 60 days. This perhaps is the only draw back. Google Adsense is indeed the omnipotent ruler, but in case you want another option the above sites can certainly fill the shoes and you can be on your way.


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