Absolute Power Movie

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When I began to watch Absolute Power starring Clint Eastwood, I had no idea what to expect.  I remembered only the movie’s name and absolutely nothing about the plot.  The movie was given to me, which explains my lack of prior knowledge about it.

The one thing that is often prevalent in Eastwood films is that quiet quality, when he is not shooting up the bad guys.  This movie opens with his character sketching. Then we are treated to him eating while staring at a sketch of a large home, and suddenly the sketch becomes real.  The next thing we see is him scoping out the place.  There’s that odd music in the background and nothing but silence, save for footsteps and creaking doors.  I guess viewers are supposed to be spellbound.  I just want a clue about the plot.

The problem is that over the horrid minutes that follow (it felt like hours), I discover the plot, and it is not one that appeals to me.  Eastwood is a thief who somehow manages to remain hidden in this house while a couple begins an erotic session that escalates to violence and murder.  This is followed by another twosome entering and deciding how to cover up the truth of what happened.  The entire time, Eastwood silently watches, undiscovered, from a corner.  Idiotic is the word that comes to mind.

The first exciting scene comes when Eastwood faces off with Laura Linney, who plays his daughter.  I felt hope at that point that things would perk up, but in this Eastwood directed mystery, things are just way too dark, gloomy and silent for too much of the time to suit my taste.

The cast, though, is full of interesting performers, so it is disappointing even more so that the film does not thrill me more.  Ed Harris, E. G. Marshall, Gene Hackman, and Dennis Haysbert are just some of the appealing names.  Harris definitely lives up to his reputation.  I found myself listening more intently when he was on screen.

There is some violence and bad language, which I personally never enjoy.  There is some excitement as the plot plays out, and the performers are very good.  Still, it just had an extra solemn quietness off and on that I did not enjoy, so it was just a so so experience for me.


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