Do You Have Ideal Income?

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Yes, this is a fact that happens, we often feel salary is not enough, still less, let alone for savings or investments, fulfill our desires are still lacking, so once again still less!.

Then the next question is how much salary is reasonable for us? To answer it would be nice if we make an honest evaluation and introspection, for it please to answer some questions below and record the results:

  1. How long (years and months) I have received a salary?

  2. How many times have I experienced a salary increase?

  3. How large is the first time we receive a salary? How much of our current salary?

  4. Will I always pay the mortgage debt each month?

  5. Is there any part of the salary that can be stored for investment?

  6. Is my current deficit (salary can not survive until the end of the month)?, If she answered ‘no’ then we say goodbye but if jawabanya ‘yes’ then this is where lies the problem.

For those of you who answered ‘yes’ then the next step is to do your income valuation, in doing valuation, the answer is there are only three groups, namely:

  • Stages of the poor (Poor Income Valuation);

  • Stages of the fair (Fair Income Valuation);

  • Stages of an ideal (Ideal Income Valuation). Well here is an explanation and solution of the group – the group:

Stages of the poor (Poor Income Valuation): is the stage where the condition of total expenditures greater than income or known as the “Big Stake from the Poles”, in this condition a deficit cash flow or negative weights accompanied by monthly installments payable over 45 percent of the total of income.

Stages of the fair (Fair Income Valuation): is a condition where you do not deficits, big debt remained above 30 percent of revenue, but is concerned is able to make investments for the welfare of him and his family later, serving a minimum investment amounts to 10 percent of income . Then is how do we change from poor conditions (poor income valuation) into a reasonable condition (fair valuation income), well above for the case of how much income is reasonable?, Here is the formulation of fair valuation of income.

Last stage is the ideal stage (Ideal Income Valuation): at this stage the individual / family is already on a sound financial corridor. The next question is how do I get the extra income? This is not easy but at least it’s not something impossible. At least you already know the limits of a healthy income in accordance with your condition.

As information of income and mortgage debt in question here is can be a combination of income and installment debt (husband & wife).

But contrary to realistically we must be prepared and shall perform ‘super extra tightening’ of expenditure if forecast to earn extra income not yet appeared, although funds have been available.


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