Managing an Office Social

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There are things we hope we never become responsible for in life. One of these happens to be managing an office social event. We all hope we never become responsible for one but just in case you do there are some really important tips you need to remember. A great social event in the workplace can be good fun. It can be rewarding to see your coworkers in another environment outside of work.

The first requirement is that your guests need to have fun. For whatever reason this event is being thrown it will make or break when it comes to fun. So renting a decent location is important. Gauge how many people you intend to have at your party so you can be sure to have sufficient space for the event.

This also goes the same for catering. Knowing how many people you intend to have show up will determine how much food you will have prepared. You can host this yourself but with something like this you may want to look into professional catering for the food, especially if the social event is work related.

The catering brings you now to the third item of throwing an office social event, the liquor. Everyone is an adult so having a dry party may indeed be out of the question but if you have alcohol present this may lead to some bad incidents with those who do not know when to stop. So you may be inclined to have a bar but not an open bar. Making your guests pay for their drinks is fully understandable at banquet halls. This will cut down on the amount of inebriated guests you may have.

Then there is some entertainment. Even social event needs a little entertainment. Now depending on how big you make this event will also determine the extent of your entertainment you have. Usually this is music, so hiring a DJ may be in order or having a good sound system with a nice array of music. If you are renting a banquet hall then you can have your guests get up and dance. If you want something smaller you can usually hold a social event within the office space itself. This may be a bit more cramped and it can cut down on what you spend on catering and food. Usually this is how office Christmas parties are thrown.

No matter what you end up doing if you put a little creativity into your social event it should go off without a hitch.


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