Latest Fake Snow Products For Your Winter Wonderland

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With the variety of great artificial snow and lighting products now available, its not too late to have a White Christmas event at work, home, school or church, indoors or outdoors. Most of the elements you need are easily available locally (trees, music, and basic decorations) and you can turn your event from ordinary to extraordinary if you highlight it with Artificial Snow.

In the past your only choices for fake snow were cotton and poly batting or Styrofoam, but now you can get really creative with snow that is fun and realistic. A quick search will find snow made from cornstarch or paper the you just dump out of large boxes ready to use, rolls of snow mats that you can even slide on, and instant type snow made from powder and water that looks and feels just like the real thing.

If you want snowfall at your event, evaporative foam snowfall machines are easy to use and affordable and combined with some type of snow on the ground create a real Winter setting. With a moderate budget the town of Pendleton, Indiana used 10 snowfall machines and a moderate amount of ground snow for their November 11 Holiday kickoff this year. Instead of using Styrofoam as they have for the past 10 years, they used Instant snow for a much more realistic and environmentally friendly look.

You create your own version of a wonderland indoors or outdoors at events large and small. Instead of just pulling out last year’s decorations, a small investment will pay huge dividends and your Holiday event will be the talk of the town. All the resources you need are available online and can be at your door in a short time. So, even if you waited until Thanksgiving to decide, you can still have the perfect event on time and on budget with a little creative planning on your part.

One very popular feature you might consider is setting up a photo scene where guests can use their own camera phones to take Holiday pictures in a snowy winter backdrop. Just a few props, cover them with snow, and create a place where it really looks like a snowstorm just happened. And with their photos, every guest can take their memories home as photos or share them with family and friends. You can even hire a photographer to stage the scene and take the photos.

Have fun this season planning your event with new ideas and themes that add sparkle to the season and are fun for everyone who attends.


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