A Different Kind of Online Game – Real, Rewarding And Still Racing!

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Google out “online games” and a plethora of games are fed to your search results. Rarely do these match the standards of a real game that will involve you thoroughly and keep the experiences new the longest. The racing games need an uplift that will bring them closer to reality with a more interactive interface that allows players to feel the game as they indulge and also reap the results. The world of fiction is now getting archaic with the desire to get more fact based, realistic and inspired from life entertainment tools. Simply fiction and exaggeration isn’t what the audience wants today.

The technological boom has somewhat set the whole category of animated games driven on fictitious themes, obsolete. Nothing is more unpredictable than real life which is what the technology is bringing forward for the entertainment of the new generation of its audience which is where the games receive their facelift. Imagination is limitless in reality. This is what forms the basis of horse racing games derived from the facts and figures of the real horse racing events worldwide making them extremely engrossing. To indulge in something real yet not be exposed to the risks associated with it makes them quite a favourite amongst the online gaming population.

Horse racing games by HorseRaceGame have nailed the exact profile of online games that would appeal to the users worldwide. Most importantly, they are free. The games support both downloadable and online play options so the user gets to choose how and when he’d like to be involved. For the social gamers, the games have an unparalleled messaging board; a platform that connects each player to another as on social networking, so they get to interact as they play. Players can learn the tricks of the game from other game veterans or invite competition.

The backbone of these games is a staggering 3D simulation (the latest in the online gaming world) of almost 5000 thoroughbreds; these are the protagonists of the game who you get to choose from. The mindboggling fact here is that, each one of them has been carefully designed to meet the exact behavioural aspects of their original real life subjects. So when its Seabiscuit racing, ensure there’s enough distance to allow a late acceleration and if the subject in question is Secretariat, high speed is a guaranteed quality that will be exhibited. The simulations ensure the performances of these horses are a direct and accurate projection of their real life racing patterns.

The games allow players to train their horses. So before you participate in varied races that present variety of surfaces to your horse, you can well in advance prep up with a proper training. You can care for your horses and also breed foals for your stable. How many games allow you to do that! Here you have the powers to become an owner, trainer, jockey and above all, a bettor. HorseRaceGame allows you to win games, earn points, convert them to special VIP privileges and also barter them for real prizes!

They are thoroughly a class apart from games that merely provide speedy races over repetitive race tracks, battlefields to exterminate and mazes to solve. They present you the real picture of horse racing as a whole; it’s your window to their world where you get to be a part of it without shelling out a single cent. Register and join the bandwagon to start exploring the endless variety these games have to offer.


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