Getting The Best Value From Car Shipping Companies

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Getting The Best Value From Car Shipping Companies

There are several reasons why you would want to use a car shipping company to ship your car. You could be moving to a new home, part of a military transfer, or you could have just bought a new car from across the country, thanks to the power of the Internet. Whatever the reason, you’re now faced with having to find a company to ship your car.

One way you could go about looking at car shipping companies is to spend a lot of time going from one auto transporter website to another. If you do this, you’ll quickly find that their marketing all says the same thing, that they have the best service and lowest prices. Knowing that they all can’t be the best, you will have to spend the time researching each of them, that is, once you find them online.

A Better Way. There is a better way of doing this. Instead of searching for individual companies online, try using one of the websites that provides you with multiple quotes from different car shipping companies. You fill out a single form and get auto transport quotes emailed directly to your inbox. You can then take these quotes and start your research. Having the quotes from eight to ten companies cuts down on the amount of research you need to do. It provides you with a list of auto transporters and the prices that they are quoting to transport your car, SUV or truck.

You can start by visiting the website of all the car shipping companies that sent you a quote. This will give you a “feel” of the company. Take a look to see if they publish their shipping policies on their website, as well as any pricing or fee structures. Take the quotes and make a sheet for each company, along with the list of questions that you want to ask each of them.

Your Telephone Rings. Keep in mind that these car shipping companies are going to be calling you, trying to get you to ship your car with them. It’s recommended that you let them know that you will call them back after you have done some research. Do not be pushed into making a decision until you are ready to do so.

Asking The Right Questions. Some of the questions you should ask each auto transporter include: Are they licensed and insured? What kind of insurance coverage will your vehicle have while being in their custody? Are the pick-up and delivery dates firm or are they estimates? Do you require a deposit before booking with them? What is the cancelation policy? Are the fees you have been quoted include everything, or are there any additional fees? Another part of your research should be to check out each potential car shipping company on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website, as well as the Better Business Bureau website to check on whether they have any complaints and how they were resolved.

Ask Your Friends. Ask your friends, family and even your coworkers if they have used any car shipping companies and if they have any suggestions or anything to watch out for. Sometimes, the best referrals come from people we know and trust. It is still worthwhile to do your own research on any company that you are contemplating using.


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