Fujifilm Finepix Hs20 16 MP Digital Camera Review

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The FinePix HS20 digital camera is built with a high speed processor that help it take high speed shots and also make very good quality HD movies. It also has an EXR-CMOS sensor to help detect moving objects and take photo in a very dim area.
The processor also gave the benefit of improving the menu, this menu helps the user scroll through the different settings, enabling advanced user or giving a simple sectioned menu for the novice user.

The FinePix HS20 digital camera can cache an amazing 27 scenes, keeping the best shots for you automatically, this depending on the configuration you selected. Three manual settings gives you the option to customize your pictures accurately from high resolution priority, low noise priority to Dynamic Range, this mode enables you to combine two images in one scene.

The amazing EXR processor and precise sensor can take very cool pictures at 3, 5, 8 and 11 frames per second with an auto focus of 0.16 seconds. The camera has a resolution of 16 megapixels and a zoom of 30X that can cover a wide range equivalent to a 35mm.
You can also compile very good quality digital movies that can capture at 320 frames per second and 1080 full HD quality that can be easily viewed on your television set using a HDMI cable.

A feature that we like was the face detection technology that can recognize up to 10 faces from any angle and then register 8 faces in the camera with name and date of birth, you can then find a picture with that person in it using the camera’s face recognition software. Too bad it’s only good for 8 people. The fact that the Digital Camera needs 4 AA batteries was also a minor setback for us, preferring a rechargeable battery pack.
All in all this is a great digital camera to have if you’re looking to take high speed quality pictures or movies.

For an amateur, I’d declare it would be quite easy to learn to acquire many good shots. For your intermediate user, it has a quantity of features that will help you produce excellent shots. For a more advanced wedding photographer such as myself, all of the guide controls and abilities to “replicate” Fuji’s motion picture qualities are much appreciated.

All round, I find the quality of the construction to get among the best out there in terms of the “less than DSLR”. The photos I’ve shot are very good because of the size of the sensor. Coloration reproduction is outstanding, minimal light performance is just Fine, speed is good, feature set is extremely, very good, and size/weight is reasonable(a little bigger than most however am comfortable with it). Only want something smaller when camping I’ll stick with my Cannon G12 and make do with a reduced zoom.

Video is not a thing to consider for me really as I am normally packing a small Sony as well as my Canon XH A1s for that. We’ve only tried my Rule 5D MKII once for video, wonderful potential but it’s a even now camera mainly. I will not increase the video reviews given by other individuals.

My true surprise ended up being the quality of the “Super-Macro” feature. It might focus extremely close, actually at up to 105mm equiv. setting, which supplies a very diffuse background and powerful subject. These are some of the best final results outside of my Nikon 200 Small lens.

The HS20 may not be the most effective at anything, but it is great at many things and I am looking towards a number of trips this summer. For that really important stuff, the Digital slrs will be used, but for merely walking and hiking close to rather unencumbered, I’m pretty sure this works out just fine.

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