Earning Through Scamming- A Crime Going on Rewarded!

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Searched a lot of sites in the net about free earnings or a few dollar registrations paid earnings, but failed to get what is promised or advertised in the first place. While consulted with experts, the answer was appalling – these all are frauds doing business by cheating others. Then searched the scam list in the net there are thousands!! How come, in the modern civilized days, how scams work?

The term scam is also objectionable. In the very first time while the word is heard, sounds like a site with different flavor or topics like social site or business sites. Ha ha. It’s not. Simply it is the fraud kind of sites who cheats. Why not called it cheat sites I wonder?

Next, when law experts consulted it was a new dimension to understand between cyber crimes and non-cyber crimes. When cheated one cannot get the help from court the reasons are –

i.                     When complained about a cheat in internet- the first question would be asked about law of contract. In the law of contract the conditions are vivid like anything. For cyber crimes there is no separate law of contract applied. Every Act and Articles in the cyber related laws are referred to non-cyber law. For example- who is the witness between the cheating websites and me? Answer is no one. Who signed? -No one. So, the contract is void ab initio. Cheater wins.

ii.                   All the cyber laws are under the umbrella of non-cyber of generic laws. All cyber related laws rereferred to the related normal laws of the country. Hence, again the law of one country would vary from others.

iii.                  Citizen of Bangladesh could not sue an American country, if aggrieved. But US citizen might proclaim its rights on Bangladeshi sites as it is in weaker state.

iv.                 Next question where is the tangible court or web court situated to complain? Nobody knows, if at all there is any!

v.                   At least different independent judicial system and laws should made available to the internet users for safeguarding the rights of internet users for not being get cheated by scams.

The examples are like ‘two dollar click’  when certain amounts are earned and time for withdrawal derived, it allowed to go-ahead. But four weeks time asked for clearance. Four weeks and more four weeks and more four weeks have passed but the promised remained unfulfilled as ever. But there are proofs of payments in the page, which shows a full list of people with amounts withdrawn so far!

Question is how far this list is true? Are these people genuine? Even if genuine are they people peers to the management? Who will answer these questions? Who will take care the wide-open Internet fraud cases and monitoring these scams?


Somehow somewhere people should be accountable. Particularly those benefited financially first be held responsible.

It is their first hand duty and responsibility to check and verify whether some people are scamming or not, since money is involved

Protocol providers and service providers must be held responsible too because they earn from it they must know who they are selling services.

Finally, all the Internet control is actually US based it cannot avoid overall responsibility to the mankind, as it gets credits for offering the service to the world too.


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