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According to tourism industry insiders, Black travel in the U.S. is growing at almost double the rate as travel by Americans overall, with Black travelers spending approximately $5 billion on leisure travel per year. Thats a LOT of getaways and holiday excursions!

If you’re stressed out like the rest of us with busy work schedules, then vacation planning is about as important as retirement planning. Think I’m exaggerating? Well ask any pitiful soul who has ever wasted their hard-earned paycheck on a mediocre getaway and see if they don’t make you change your mind!

Whether you’ve employed a travel professional, or decided to arrange your trip yourself, the key to avoiding most vacation nightmares is thorough planning. Skip this critical step, and you’re simply asking for disappointment. Where to start? Well that depends on how you want to spend your trip. Are you a blues cruise person or film festival person? Do you like solitude or do you prefer crowds? And what do you want to do on your getaway trip? Do you want to be a spectator and people watch at the festival or do you want to be an active participant and snowboard on the slopes?

Stuck for ideas? Well, make it a priority to visit forums which cover activities that you’re interested in. A wonderful place to find activities and Black travel events is They have an outstanding travel events directory full of jazz cruises, carnivals, conferences, and a whole lot more.

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