How to Plan Simple, Family Meals for Under $5

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Meal planning and shopping can be expensive as food prices increase and families are hit with expensive grocery bills. However, with a bargain hunter’s eye, shoppers can beat high food prices at their own game. These simple family meals cost under $5 and can feed up to a family of four on a fixed food budget. These meals are also perfect for college students.

  • Pasta with spaghetti sauce: Depending on where you buy pasta and spaghetti sauce (look for store/generic brands), dry pasta (one pound) and a jar of spaghetti sauce ranges from $.80 to $3. Scour newspapers and online coupons for sale prices.
  • Quesadillas: A package of ten flour tortillas range in price from $2 to $3. Depending on the type and brand of cheese, cheese ranges in price from $1 to $4. Check out discounted stores (dollar-type stores) for low priced tortillas and generic/off-brand cheese (check expiration dates).
  • Soup: The average price for canned soup is between $.75 and $2.00. With coupons, two for one deals make it an even better bargain and two cans of soup can feed a family of four.

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