How to Enjoy Portland, Oregon With Your Baby

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As a newcomer to the Portland area, I’ve been doing plenty of exploring. I moved here from Las Vegas with my husband and 2-month-old son, and it was a challenge to find fun things for all of us to do. There are so many things geared towards children, which is fantastic, but a baby under a year isn’t quite ready for some of those activities. I thought I’d help some of the new or soon-to-be Mothers in the area by relating my experiences enjoying the city with a little one.

The Coast Driving the two hours or so can be a challenge but it can be done, and it’s worth it. We stopped at Seaside and got the first picture of little feet in the sand and the ocean, a memory we’ll treasure.

⇒Forego the stroller, it’s like a pile of bricks on the sand. Go for a baby carrier instead.

⇒Don’t forget a blanket to sit on, unless you never plan to lay baby down. Sand and baby eyes don’t mix.

⇒Try some of the smaller, less populated beaches in the area. It makes feedings and diaper changes much more comfortable. It’s also an easier walk now that you’ve got an extra 20 lbs. wherever you go.

The Portland Zoo Baby may not pay attention to the animals the way bigger kids do, but the zoo still seems to hold plenty of interest for them. And there may be rare moments when baby watches a monkey or walrus that will delight any Mom.

⇒Pack a lunch, a small cooler strapped to the stroller is great to have on hand.

⇒Don’t forget inclement weather gear.

⇒Strollers are great here, plenty of walking to please baby, but bring a carrier as well so baby can see the animals better.

⇒This place is great if Mom is going by herself with baby. The Zoo’s restroom facilities are well set up to make things easier, and places to sit and let baby eat are plentiful.

Columbia River Gorge, Hwy 30 Gorgeous scenery, and for the Mom who loves the outdoors but those difficult hikes aren’t an option right now, this is the next best thing.

⇒Stop at the Vista house for a great Photo Op, not very accessible for strollers inside so opt for the carrier.

⇒The hike up Multnomah Falls might be a bit much right now, but that won’t stop you from the short walks and easy hikes to the base of Waterfalls along the way.

Portland Children’s Museum Great if you want to get out of the house with baby and stimulate that little brain!

⇒Most of the Museum if going to be better for slightly older kids, but there is a Baby Garden room, with plenty of toys specifically for infants.

⇒In the Clay Studio, there is an infant area where baby can get their hands dirty.

⇒Bring stroller and carrier. On busy days, you may have to park your stroller.

⇒Let baby check out some of the big kid stuff. Mine was enthralled by the Water Works room, which was a learning experience for us both.

Saturday Markets, Parks, and easy hikes are all great options. Probably best to live without things like the Japanese or Chinese Garden, Public Libraries, and anywhere else where a lot of noise is going to turn heads, just for a little while. 


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