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Cell Phone Article- Persuasive

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Cell Phones! Helpful Handhelds, or Disrupting Device?

Crackdown! Ban! Dangerous! These are phrases that are used when it comes to cell phones. However, these words are clearly against irresponsible cell phone use in public. Helpful! Needed! Time savers! These are also thrown around about cell phones. Some, like Bruce Newman; an editor for an AAA magazine, say cell phones pose too much danger; especially on the roads. A blog written on the subject was posted on New York Times’ blogsite, and a reader by the name of ‘Kevin’ commented that a cell phone could potentially save lives. So, should cell phones be allowed in public places? In my opinion I believe cell phones should be allowed, as long as people are responsible.

In a study published by the AEI-Brookings Joint Center, a team of researchers compared the effects of driving while talking on the phone and driving while drunk. They concluded that drivers that were using cell phones exhibited greater impairment than intoxicated drivers. So yes, cell phones DO pose potential threats. However, Hilary Davis ( a journalist for The Rocky Mountain College paper says cell phones can save lives.

CRASH!! You were driving down the highway on a rainy day, when a driver loses control and slams right into you. After you are done spinning out, you reach for your cell phone; with the last amount of energy you have left to call 911.  This simple call could save your life, or someone else. With today’s world evolving so fast, new dangers come as well. With that, we need to get help and fast! However not only on the road do we need cell phones.

We all remember the tragic day, April 20th 1999, the awful Columbine High School Shooting. Two students opened fire on many innocent people that day. Frantic 911 calls were made. Dispatchers and parents were on the line with students using their cell phones to call out for help. Imagine the heart ache if you knew someone dear to you was in danger and you had no way to reach them.

 Chelsey Fortner ( was watching the news that catastrophic day. She didn’t own a cell phone at the time, but this got her thinking. If she were in a similar situation, god forbid, wouldn’t she want to reach out to her family too? This inspired her to go and purchase a cell phone for emergencies.

Many cell phone customers buy their phones with only emergency use intentions. But what about the kids and teens that use their cell phones to send 300 texts a day? Like a Scottish teen who is in rehab for excessive cell phone use (! Another teen sends 345 mobile messages a day! This is what he said about text messages, “It’s kind of comforting when you get one. I like it, it’s like a game of ping-pong, as you send one and get one back.”

Some blame the cell phone companies; but all they are doing is selling a product. Others blame irresponsible teens; but why blame them for wanting to talk to their friends? So, who’s left, THE PARENTS! Parents need to limit their teen’s usage of their cell phones! Limited cell phone plans do exist and need to be introduced more, therefore opening new options for parents and teens.

In conclusion, cell phones should be allowed in public places. They are very useful in emergencies and can save lives. As long as people know when the right time to use them, there should be no problem. So don’t be the guy who ruins everyone’s movie by keeping your cell on. Cells need to be used with moderation and responsibility.  


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