Bronco Billy Dvd

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To be frank, I am not really sure what I want to say about this movie, which is presented as part of the Clint Eastwood Collection from Warner Video.  This movie is supposed to show the softer Eastwood, so to speak.  I like the warmer portrayals of his. In fact, my favorite theatrical film of his is probably the musical, Paint Your Wagon.  When he sings “Trees”, I’m smiling.

That said, this movie bored me a bit.  I had a really hard time getting into it.  I kept finding my fingers inching towards the remote control.  Actually, it may be more that I dislike co-star Sondra Locke.  I always looked upon her as a home wrecker in real life, since she and Eastwood ended up involved.

I do like one of the early scenes with Eastwood and some kids.  The way the scene was shot really made him look big and powerful.  Maybe it was a nod to his spaghetti western days.  The ending is fun, too.  I love the use of the American flag (you can’t miss it). Some may not find it appropriate, but I think it is actually very patriotic.  The last section of the movie is the best in my opinion.

The DVD comes in a snap case.  I do appreciate the attempt to keep the disks safe and while opening the case is easy, I always have a hard time closing it.

The disk is plain, but there is a reason for that.  On one side is the standard version of the film, while the other side contains the widescreen version, which I prefer.  You do have a choice here, though.  Fortunately, they do label the center ring so you can see which side is standard and which is widescreen before placing the DVD in the player.

As for quality, I do not have any issues with the picture or audio, but I do wish they had provided bonus features.  There are none per se, unless you count the cast biographies, which I do not.

So, it’s mildly entertaining, but it never did capture my full attention.


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