Cats care

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Cats have been ignites human civilization for thousands of years. Been adored as gods (as at the time of ancient Egypt) men also fear the cat as related to the fathers relationship with magic or the devil. Animals are very responsive, good adaptability to various environments.

Cats can become good friends because they are relatively easily maintained and provide enjoyment for life.

Selecting a personality
With the increasing popularity of cats as pets show responsibility to treat them well. Responsibility to ensure that they receive the correct food, have a good place to stay and get treatment by veterinarians. Cats can live up to fifteen years. They have a personality that is different. There are happy together and there is also a socializing. They tend to be some health problems and requires little care other than routine maintenance.

Maintain nutrition
Cats are karnivora which means they need the actual animal source such as meat, chicken or fish in their food. No food vegetables are best for cats. No animal source food in them, they will lack nutrients and can endanger their lives.

Choosing a cat
At the time of choosing cat food, it is best to choose according to the age of the cat. For example a child should get the cat food kitten and adult cat get cat food adult. And also to object to the body of a cat that can take advantage of low-calorie food. It is important to choose foods that complete and balanced nutrition.

Milk can make diarrhea
There are several types of cat food are available: dry, half wet, and cans. Cat owners should be aware, and the lack of any excess over this type of discussion with the vet. New water should always be available. It is the old story that the cat should be given susu susu but otherwise it can cause diarrhea in cats.

Cats just like humans
Each cat should be evaluated routinely by veterinarians who are familiar with this species. Cats should be examined for health problems that pontensial. Cats tend to have the same problem with men. Cancer, kidney disease, heart disease and dental pain is not that unusual anymore. Problem found as early as possible, and by others, kucing akan with positive reply. As cat owners, we need to help maintain good health. Many cats are amenable to brush teeth regularly with toothpaste cat.

Be careful lice
They must also be examined for parasites often attack the cat. The most obvious to the ear is a louse (earmites) or lice (flea). Although there are not that look like some type of intestinal worms that nest in the belly of a cat and take a valuable nutrition. This problem must be treated and more effective drugs are available in the market. Dogs are allowed outside the home will likely be more clear by this parasite, or parasites may have been developed in house.

Need to be sterilized
Generally, it is recommended for cats sterilized and also called Spay / sterile for female and castrated / neuter for males. Sterilization does not only help in controlling the cat neglected children, but also reduce the risk of problems associated with the hybrid system and behavior problems associated with the type of opponent.

Cats are sexually mature female age 4 months
Is also called tabby queen (queen), they generally begin sex between adults is 4 to 12 months. That is not sterilized female / spayed children can produce up to eight years or more. Tomcat called tom, a general from 6 fertile and eight months and continue until 14 years or more. Kebanyak veterinarian to recommend a cat diseterilasi on or after six months although there is disagreement from some individuals on this issue. Cat owners who are interested akan iniharus consultation to the veterinarian at the first time a survey and vaccination.

Cat disease
There are some cat disease to get vaccinated by veterinarians. Feline rhinotracheitis, calici virus and panleukopenia (distemper) truly a disease of death for a cat. This disease is caused by a virus that is easily ditular of cat to cat. How can virus clothing brought by the owner at the time a cat a cat treat pain. The vaccine is also available for other diseases such as rabies which has become endemic in certain areas. So it’s very important even in the home for the cat vaccinated for this disease. There are several vaccines for tersedida other disease virus, feline leukemia and feline infectious peritonitis is often found on outdoor, wild cat, or a multi-cat household. But this does not mean indoor cat will not contract this disease. There is no effective treatment for this disease and must be prevented. It is important for cat owners to realize there are many diseases such as feline Immuno-deficiency virus infection and at the time a cat is exposed to this disease, there is no vaccine or cure available at this time.

Cats are very sensitive
Also important for cat owners to understand that cats are very sensitive to some drugs and products in the home. Cats do not like human memetabolisme aspirin and should only be used under veterinary supervision. Acetaminophen (Tylenol on) will kill cats and percenaannya in an emergency. Also, products that contain phenol as lysol can not be used around cats because of metabolizing these products. Some cats like antifreeze (antifreeze). Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol and if digested akan cause kidney failure if not treated immediately. The answer is no doubt that the products around a cat until you have the authority mengeceknya. Also cats often eat plants, some can be toxic for cats. So better to give them sprouteed feed for cemilan Oats at the time they want to weed again.

Cats love the lace-like
Cats are often attracted to items that resemble ropes, they will eat the needles and yarn, rubber bracelets and similar material. Some cats are also interested in the cable, power cable. Therefore, it is important to keep at this cat’s environment, or try to reduce them to kedayatarikan cable-the cable. Cleaning routine to promote good hygiene behavior. Cat owners should also provide boundaries for their cat. If they are not allowed in certain rooms menajamkan or nails in their seats or furniture, this must be fostered dilatihi since the first time a cat is kept. It is easier to prevent problems rather than changing behavior that has become a habit


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