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Today I watched the Blood Work DVD for the first time.  I have had it for a while, a gift from a friend.  I must admit to liking Clint Eastwood, who directed and starred in this movie, but I am not a fan of all of his movies as so many are too violent and full of profanity for my taste.  Knowing this was a murder mystery of a sort, I really worried about that.

Actually, I made it through the movie just fine, cringing at a few spots here and there, but the acting is so terrific and the story intriguing enough that I did not mind what was there from a gory and graphic content.

Eastwood is very good, as he most always is, but I also enjoyed Tina Lifford, who I first became familiar with in Letters from a Killer that starred my favorite, Patrick Swayze.  Here she really has some attitude with her character.  Anjelica Huston was a standout as well.

On the whole, the movie held my interest, but it was also somewhat predictable in certain plot elements, such as the romance between Eastwood and his client. I was grateful, though, that it was background and did not take up much screen time.

The DVD is presented in widescreen.  Now on mine, it started right away.  I had actually inserted in the DVD but hadn’t intended to start watching for a few minutes yet.  I was still on TV mode, so when I switched to my DVD, I had to go back to the beginning to catch the movie.

There were no sound or visual problems.  It all looked clear and sharp to me, and the audio had clarity as well.  The only problem is sometimes due to Eastwood’s raspy voice, but that has nothing to do with the sound quality.

There are a couple of extras on the DVD.  Of note is a making of feature that is actually rather interesting, especially with Eastwood chatting about wanting to separate his acting and directing more.  There is also “a conversation” feature, which has different actors talking in Spanish.  There are English sub-titles, however.


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