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(Film Only Review)


The Inbetweeners has to go down as one of the most hilarious TV shows of all time and when I first heard the show was going to be made into a movie I have to say I was extremely happy and very excited. I knew from the moment I heard about it that I was going to watch this at the cinema. The Inbetweeners is the type of show that is full of non stop laughs, strong language, silly teens, sex and other adult material. The show was a massive hit on channel 4 and E4 in which 3 brilliant series were made. After doing so well a movie was announced for release and I have to say it is pure brilliance. I love the show and thought it would take something special to beat it and the movie does just that. One of the best things about the show is its one of the rare and better British television series and the fact its been made into a movie is fantastic. The story to the movie is a little similar to the show but it has romance in the story too which is a little bit of a surprise to be honest.

=== STORY ===

The movie starts with the four lads finishing their school exams and leaving for good. Simon (Joe Thomas) is with his new girlfriend Carli (Emily Head) who has been his best friend for years. Simon and Carli decided to take their relationship to the next level because Simon was meant to be moving to Swansea but didn’t. Unfortunately Carli tells Simon that they should break up and stay friends. Simon goes home seemingly happy until he reaches his bedroom and he cries like a baby. The next day the boys persuade Simon to go on a lads holiday to Malia, Crete. Upon arriving the lads find there destination isn’t as good as they expected because of the disgusting hotel they are forced to stay at. That same night the lads decide to go on a night out and try and pull some women. They gradually are lured into a club that’s meant to be the best ever. They get in there and its completely dead. A few minutes later four mysterious girls enter and the group get along well with each other. Simon notices that Carli is actually on the same holiday because Neil had asked where she was going on holiday. Simon isn’t pleased at first but decides he wants Carli back but the only problem is Lucy (Tamla Kari) likes him and shes one of the four mysterious girls. Will Lucy tell him how she feels? or will Simon want Carli back? After all hes been in love with her for 3 series of the show. Watch to find out!


This has to go down as the funniest movie in the history of movies. It certainly is my all time favourite because I was laughing from start to finish. The thing that I liked about the movie is the characters. The movie doesn’t really contain any major big name actors/actresses but that doesn’t really disappoint the movie at all. The characters are fantastic and in some ways they kind of remind me of me and some of my friends. They are absolutely hilarious I cant really describe how funny the movie is without swearing because its full of it. The story surprised me the most because I wasn’t expecting it to turn out like a romantic comedy but to be fair its different in a good way. The one liners are fantastic and I have to say my two favourite characters are Jay and Neil. Jay talks utter rubbish and lies out the skin of his teeth but his lies are the kind of lies where you know its a total lie but its hilarious. Neil has to be the dippiest character in the history of television and movies. He is so dumb sometimes that its unreal but it works fantastically well. For example Will wants to see some Greek ruins while there over in Crete in which Jay tells him they didn’t come on holiday to see some ruins and in which Neil responds with ‘Yeah you can see Greek ruins anywhere’. The film is great every second of the movie is hilarious and I have to say I have never laughed so much at anything in my life. Overall I loved it!


The four main characters in the movie all blend well together which makes them perform really well. If this wasn’t a movie these guys could pass off as actual best friends. I believe all of the main four guys did really well in the movie and played there role incredibly well. Simon (Joe Thomas) is probably the more serious character in the movie and the sensitive one. He loves Carli and would do anything for her but the other boys taunt him a lot because of this. Will (Simon Bird) is the smartest character but a really big geek. Hes the character that hasn’t had any luck with any kind of female at all and would do anything to be with a girl. Jay (James Buckley) is dirty, hilarious and a big liar but we all love him. The there is Neil (Blake Harrison) who is daft but seriously funny and quite surprisingly a good dancer and the better out the lads for pulling women. There are a few other characters from the show that make brief appearances in the mother such as Will’s mum, Jay’s dad, Neil’s supposedly gay father who looks like a vicar and also Simon’s weird parents. Greg Davies also makes a couple of appearances as Mr Gilbert the very strict headteacher who dislikes the boys. The two scenes hes actually in are two of the funniest especially at the end. Carli (Emily Head) and Donovan (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) are also in the movie who are both in the series. There are a few new recruits in the film and they all do tremendously well especially the four new girls. I thought the cast was pretty good but there performances were even better!


The director for The Inbetweeners movie is Ben Palmer who did a fantastic job overall. He is most famous for being the director of Bo’ Selecta and The Inbetweeners series. Ben has done really well with the plot and because of him the movie flows perfectly. Without this guy and the writers The Inbetweeners would be nothing. Ben Palmer hasn’t really had any other exciting work to date but who knows we may see another series of The Inbetweeners or possibly another film from him. Great work.


To be honest there isn’t that much in terms of special effects but when they do come into play they are really well done. Its not the type of film that requires any kind of effects because of the movie being really funny. The soundtrack for the movie was how I expected it to be and that’s fantastic. There are a lot of songs throughout the movie and most of them fit well into the movie itself. Mike Skinner has about 7 or 8 different tracks and there are also tracks from Ke$ha, The Vines, Plan B, Sean Kingston, Calvin Harris and many more. Its mainly a mixture of dance music because of the clubs the boys visit but it blends really well into the movie. Overall I was pleased with the soundtrack to the movie and I did like quite a few songs from it.


I would have to say really well. It did give me a feeling of American Pie but the British version and to be fair its much funnier than that and American Pie is a classic in my eyes and to be fair I never thought I would say that. There are a lot of movies similar to this but nothing stands out as being exactly like it which does make it unique in my opinion. Its like Road Trip but more funny and has much more strong language and other adult material. I would say that this movie is well known mainly for the characters but also the strong language and adult humour.

=== PROS ===

*The adult humour has to be an advantage for me but some may see this as a disadvantage because its full of bad language and other adult humour.

*The cast of characters are fantastic and they fit perfectly into the movie and they’re all hilarious as well as lovable characters.

*The movie is funny from start to finish and i’m still laughing almost a week after watching it!

*I actually thought the story was fantastic and it definitely surprised me.

*I have to say I really enjoyed the ending to the movie.

=== CONS ===

*It could be offensive to a lot of viewers.

*Contains some disgusting scenes that could disgust some viewers.

*I would of liked to see more of some of the characters from the show.

*No big name actors/actresses in the movie.

*I could of watched another 3 hours of it so I would say its not on long enough!


Well what can I say The Inbetweeners really did leave an excellent impression on me. I went to the cinema to watch this and I am debating on going to the cinema with different friends to watch it again. I loved just about everything about the movie and feel that its going to be a massive hit here in the UK. The show is great but I think the movie is even better and more hilarious too.

If your a fan of the show and you haven’t seen this yet then I ask why? Its seriously entertaining and I would really recommend it because it certainly wont disappoint. If you’ve never seen the show I would suggest watching that first because it could become confusing at times if you haven’t seen a single episode but to be fair it would still be really funny. If your not a fan of rude and very strong language then I would seriously recommend you don’t watch this because its absolutely rude and full of extremely strong language.

The Inbetweeners movie has an age rating of 15+ which I am a little surprised at because it has almost everything in it to make it an 18+. The movie even contains its fair share of nudity throughout. The movie has a run time of 97 minutes which isn’t bad. Normally I would say that’s perfect but because I enjoyed the movie so much it seemed that it went really fast. I could of gladly sat through another 97 minutes because it was brilliant!

The movie will be released on DVD hopefully around Christmas time because I would love this under my tree! I would give the movie the full marks 10/10 from me and that’s rare. Currently at cinema until early September 2011 and costs around £6.95 and its worth every penny. You wont be disappointed.

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