Leticia Fernandez: Blogger Want to Have Sex With 100 Men

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In a world where modernity seems to be increasingly on the rise, people are still surprised by certain statements. “I want to have sex with 100 men in one year,” is how one blogger Leticia Fernandez started their blogs, this time more unusual than “normal” and attracting more traffic than usual.

Leticia Fernandez is an ordinary woman with an ordinary life. As she defines himself “I am one of many women.” After a target, Leticia became better known than normal and more than it should be entitled.Leticia is simply someone who enjoys writing. Blogger cream, Leticia owns several blogs and decided to create a more and set a goal of having sex with 100 men and report on these experiences.
Experiments Made
The experiments began in February, when the blogger moved to Sao Paulo and experienced some difficulties to get used to their new home. With their sex lives through low, Leticia began trying to make better use of opportunities, opportunities facilitated for her to have a strong personality and show well determined and resolved. By then, your sex life began to catch on, was when did the idea of ​​the project to go to bed with 100 in one year and go all the readers reporting experiences. Leticia says that the idea came easily, because with the pace that your sex life has taken, to reach one hundred men in one year would not be a challenge.
The blog address is: www.cemhomens.com
Not only in your sex life, but also access the blog continued to rise. In 4000, the hits went for 10 000, then to 30 000 daily hits. Last month, the hits have totaled 750 000, leaving the author surprise. “I did not expect this return had this big,” says the author of One Hundred Men.
Among his posts, the author relates many true experiences, all at a fancy way, but very real. Leticia reported their sexual experiences and helped many girls for sex ashamed or afraid to speak openly about sex.

Not so much “pleasure” so
Before any change in your life, Leticia expressed concern about the repercussions and the direction that your blog has taken. Many people supported the attitude of Leticia, after all, not everyone has the courage to speak openly about matters that should not be treated as taboo as sex. But the most part to an aggressive and arrogant side, comparing the author to the hookers.
Although it has caused the anger of some people, life is like that. Happen and critical part of every one accepts them or not, and reveals them as you wish. Leticia got a “success” for a common thing, but many do not, just because it became public.
Meanwhile, the author follows his normal life, even showing how public it became difficult for her. From “One Hundred Men,” the title of your blog has become “I do not want to fuck you.”


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