Pay Per Click Services Help Avoid Common Mistakes

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A PPC campaign seems so simple and straightforward that many website owners launch their campaigns in a flash – only to find that their hasty actions have burned their advertising dollars. PPC is not as easy and simple as it seems. Advertisers need a professional PPC company to help them succeed. Here’s how a professional SEO company can help advertisers launch successful PPC campaigns:

1. Bidding on irrelevant keywords that seem relevant at first glance can bring in traffic – but these ads do not get conversions. Researching effective, high-paying keywords is an art that is enabled by field experience. No website owner can discover the best keywords even if he has access to the most sophisticated keyword research software available anywhere. Experienced pros working in pay per click services companies know exactly how to research effective keywords and how much to bid on each.

2. A PPC campaign involves heavy-duty split testing. A Pay Per Click Services Company makes sets of ads and gauges the response to each ad. Once the results are in, the company then fine-tunes the ads to ensure that the new set of ads brings in a greater ROI (Return on Investment). A PPC has the potential to bring in better results than other marketing channels such as direct mail, telemarketing, and email marketing. It is not for nothing that top brands pour millions of dollars into their PPC ad campaigns.

3. Website owners who perform their own PPC ad campaigns write limp ads with impotent calls to action. It’s not their fault – after all, they are businessmen, not copywriters. Badly written ads burn advertising dollars. A Pay per Click Services Company employs expert copywriters who know how to write exciting PPC ads.

4. Every PPC ad must lead the clicker to a landing page that immediately connects. If the clicker gets a sense of disconnect from the ad promised him, he will abandon the page. Pay per Click Services companies can help create effective landing pages that can increase conversions. There’s no way a website owner can do all this on his own. Remember, the wrong landing page has the potential to turn off the customer and generate bad PR for the brand.

5. Analytics are very, very important. Getting 1:1 ROI is worthless if analytics are not understood. A PPC campaign needs to be optimized on a continuous basis until a winning formula is discovered. Discovering the winning formula is not easy at all. It takes months to figure out what can work. This requires patience and knowledge and no website owner can afford to devote so much time to PPC activity. It is best left to the professionals.

These are the reasons why it makes sense for a website owner to hand over his PPC ad campaigns to a professional pay per click Services Company.


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