Omani Wadis & The Experience Of Beach Holiday & Bird Watching

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Wadi is an Arabic word that generally means a vale or a dried river bed that has water only in rainy days; thus, vegetation is set back when the river runs again. Oman is famous for its beautiful, stunning wadis; the famous wadis in Oman are Bani-Khalid, Shab, Tiwi, Al Abyadh, Dhaiqah and many others. The lush green wadis attract the tourists very much, and it is quite interesting to travel in groups while visiting the wadis. All these wadis in Oman serve as the fabulous tourist locations. The huge mountains, clear pools and the greenery make the environment ideal for the visitors and provide them opportunity to capture the real beauty in their cameras. Tourist can hire vehicles to visit as it has blind twisted pathways that go high and high to the mountains. Hiking is a common activity in Omani wadis.

Beach Holidays

Oman is rich in natural beauty as it has many beautiful sandy beaches lying at the Arabian Peninsula with a coastline of 1700km where you can make your vacations wonderful and enjoyable. These beaches are much clean and worth-seeing which attract a huge number of the visitors. Beach holidays in Oman give you a vast choice of the tours at certain beaches and you can have a pleasing stay in a variety of the hotels that are situated near beautiful sandy beaches. Some famous hotels at Oman beaches are Al-Bustan, The Chedi and others. Oman has some private beaches and some are joined to the beach resorts. Sunday picnics and barbeques are the common activities at Mmani beaches. The most visited beaches in Oman are Quram beach, Bandar Jissah, Marjan beach and many others. It is now quite clear that Oman has densely featured holiday beaches that satisfy holiday makers seeking for the beach holidays with a complete change.  

Bird Watching

Bird watching is the sighting of birds which can be experienced by naked eyes as well as by the means of visual instruments like binoculars, telescopes and also by detecting the birds sounds which is a more convenient way. Oman is the safe, stunning and attractive country of the Middle East and was not known to the bird watching lovers in the past, but constant visits by the tourists make the bird watchers to attract these sites where a vast range of bird life is surviving. The bird watchers can see a huge range of the birds like Palearctic, African and oriental birds along with the marine birds. Overall, 450 species are recorded over these sites that include birds like African paradise, fly-catchers, yellow-bellied green pigeon, shinning sun-bird, African rock bunting, spotted eagle, owl, hume’s tawny owl, verraux’s eagle and many others. All these birds are breeding, migrating and residents, but mostly these are migrating. The clean fish rich off-shore water helps in a lot of breeding. Annually, thousands of birds migrate to Oman. In Oman, bird watching varies from a very little bee-eater to the big vultures. It is definite that during your tour, some of the birds must be present on these sites. In Oman, a large number of common and rare birds are recorded.


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