How Aquaponics Can be Successful

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The concept 

The concept is simple, fish fed contaminated water the plants and the plants filter the dirty water into clean water, live fish, the water is distributed on the beds to grow and then again on the glass fish. Each needs the other makes it the ideal system.

 You’re probably wondering how Aquaponics would be helpful. If you like fresh fish, aquaculture could cheat the system to be input. If you like fresh produce, you can use a hydroponic system. What if you combine the two systems? Yes, that’s Aquaponics.

 Aquaculture is an excellent system, but it is necessary to remove the water regularly and add new ones, to withdraw a sufficient amount of toxic waste and water. Higher fish waste that is produced in high lead levels of toxins in the water can harm fish. For example, if the system contained 2000 liters of water per 200 days rewire liters to 1400 liters a week. That’s a lot of water, which is used only to keep your fish healthy.

 Zero Waste 

What would you do with this water is removed? It’s dirty and smelly. If you or someone you know has a large garden, then the water could be used, but would have to bear. What happens in winter when plants do not need the water? Polluted water would simply dumping and loss.

 Learn Aquaponics can be an advantage for us. Not just the recycling of water, but we would gain fresh during the entire calendar year. Can you imagine eating fresh strawberries in January?

 If you are ready to build your system, consider what you want in the system. How can you be more effective if the size Aquaponics, the amount of food you need to produce. If your system is too small, not enough food, so it is advisable to consider the amount of food you need. If the harvest is more than necessary, or you can freeze their excess.

 To maintain a small scale Aquaponics system, one or two people. This system size is usually about 3,000 liters of water or more. It will not move the tank and then bed. The tank should be to grow your bed for good drainage. The use of a water pump to circulate water in the aquarium to grow on the beds.

 Water must circulate every 1-2 hours. You can get a separate tank for the fry (young fish), when instead of the tank. How do you know how it works and how it can Aquaponics offer, you will find that you have a good harvest every 3 to 6 months. .


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