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Leaders at the helm are confined to issue strongly worded statements whenever there is a bomb blast.  It became a routine affair.  The Prime Minister of India made a similar routine statement stating that the government will do everything in its power to prevent such attacks in the future” when he along with his boss(y) UPA Chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi visited Mumbai immediately after hours of bomb blasts. Considering the past experience, people are not able to believe these words. Mr. Prime Minister, action speaks louder than words.

How long this bloodshed should continue? Who has to be blamed?  Our beloved Home Minister Mr. Chidambaram has categorically denied any failure on the part of Intelligence Agencies of the land.  Then can he tell who is failing to contain this repeated happenings?

Fingers naturally points out at the inefficient handling of internal security matters by the Union Govt.,  Is the Cong. lead UPA is soft enough as alleged by the principal opposition party BJP.  May be? But, can we forget the action of BJP lead NDA Govt. during Kandahar flight hijack? What made our Govts. to go on defensive approach every time.

We must learn lessons from Israel which efficiently handled the terrorism.   Irrespective of mounting pressures and criticisms from all the corners worldwide, they took an offensive approach to contain the cross the border terrorism.  Every sovereign country has its right to protect its land and people.  Who can question this legitimate right?  It fenced the country borders with heavy structures along the periphery to stop the trans-border intrusions into their land. Technology was fully utilized to avert every suicide bomb attack and other terror attacks. Israeli leadership shown the political will required in tackling the situation.

Security scenario worldwide has totally been changed after Al-Qaeda attack on America. Western countries have beefed up their security measures.  USA declared a war against terror and killed the terror kingpin Osama Bin Laden who was responsible for 9/11 attacks and took shelter in Pakistan.  The offensive approach of USA yielded visible results.

Is the defensive approach failing us time and again?  What is the force containing us to take up an offensive approach?  Irrespective of the party in power, these incidents are become a routine due to lack of political will.

During the 1980s, when Khalistan movement was at its peak Punjab was a hot boiling bowl.  Hundreds and thousands of innocent people were killed during this period.  The then Prime Minister Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao  shown the political will and courage required to the times and flattened the terrorism in the state with iron hand.  Now the Punjab is one of the developed states of the country.

The Govt. should not play politics while tackling serious issues of this nature.  Terrorism has no religion.  There are many innocent Muslims lost their lives in these terror attacks on this land.  Some interested groups are abetting terrorist activities with the active support received from the neighbouring land.

It is a naked truth that Pak ISI is funding many terrorist groups to disrupt the peace in Kashmir and other parts of India.  Chief of Kashmir Action Council, Mr. Gulam Nabi Fai, Kashmiri American was arrested by the FBI recently for his links with terrorist groups.   This NGO (Kashmiri Action Council) was floated and funded by Pak ISI.  In turn funds are being floated to Kashmiri separatist groups in the guise of this NGO.  This  reveals the true nature of our neighbor Pakistan.

India must have  long term plans to contain repeated happening of these terror attacks.

1.           Security devices at all the public places and other vulnerable places have to be installed, and monitored regularly.

2.           Marine policing has to be beefed up to contain infiltration through water.

3.           Strong security policy on the lines of USA, UK, and Israel etc. has to be spelled and implemented.

4.           Compromising on security matters at any level has to be dealt stringently.

5.           Snail pace judicial system has to be revamped and special courts have to be established to trial these cases and speedy disposal of such cases. Judgements of courts have to be implemented without any political involvement.

6.           Clemency petitions of accused in terrorist activities shall not be allowed.

7.           Any political involvement in the investigation of cases of this nature shall  be viewed seriously.

8.           Population control measures have to be taken up. Govt. schemes shall not be extended to those who are not meeting these measures.

9.           Confidence building measures have to be taken up to alienate the youth from the terrorist elements and groups.


India needs a strong leadership at this moment to lead the nation with commitment and who can dispel the fears of the people and not the nominated leaders who feel that it is impossible to stop all terror attacks.


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