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When you are looking for cheap hotels, chances are you also looking for cheap too. Travelocity is known for its holiday package deals. Suppose you want a package, a package of hotel and flight. You will and enter your search criteria. Your search results will give you plenty of offers to choose from. Most of the announced savings ranging from $ 7 – $ 30. However, some savings will be announced for as much as $ 300. Although each option, Travelocity will give you the price if you “booked separately,” this is only half the story. You have to find out for yourself how this happened Travelocity booked separately the price. How? Simple.

At the top of your search results page that will automatically Travelocity gives it its “lowest price option package” flight. You can find out the price of this “lowest price option package” to go to the “flight” tab Travelocity, putting in the same search criteria as it did when he sought your package, and then make sure it matches with the same flight details you see in the “lowest price option package.” Now is the fare that gives Travelocity package for search results. Now, say you see an advertised discount package with a large, say $ 300. Want to buy this package, but wants to ensure that savings are actually advertised savings. You already know the cost of the flight. All you need do is pretend to book the same hotel you see on the package by package only find listings Travelocity standard hotel. When looking at ads Travelocity standard hotel, be sure to write to the same search criteria as it did when he sought their vacation package. Also, be sure to match the same type of room you see on the package.

Once you find the hotel price, add to the fare you found earlier. Price is likely to coincide with the “booked separately” prices that Travelocity offers in its package of search results. If this is the case, we must see whether or not you can not get a better deal for the same hotel and flight out of other sites. Some hotel booking sites may offer discounts that make any sense Travelocity savings. You should also try calling the hotel itself to see if they have any special offers.

You might also see that the sum of the hotel and the flight, if booked separately, does not coincide with the “booked separately” price you see as part of your hotel and flight package. It may well be lower than the “booked separately” prices.

You might also notice that when looking for your hotel separately, room types differ greatly in price, while in the packages, the price is the same for all types of rooms. You may see an advertised discount $ 300 in your package, but keep in mind that this package is for a room. The $ 300 savings can be a direct result of Travelocity have a high price for a type of hotel room in the hotel standard offering and the elimination of this cost inflation in the hotel and flight package.

When you are looking for a hotel package and flight note that, Travelocity, do not take their advertised discounts as given. Doing your homework to make sure that you are really getting a discount. Despite the aforementioned “discrepancies” are a minority, it is still worth seeing how much money you are actually saving before you book your package.


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