Amanda Knox, Political Football or She-Devil ?

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To be more precise, that well-known bloody ditty should really read:

Lizzie Borden allegedly took an axe/ And allegedly gave her mother forty whacks/ And when she committed that dastardly crime/ She allegedly gave her father forty-one.

The latter, of course, suffers from awful metrics as well as a lack of rhyme but the point is that young Liz was never convicted of that double murder, a matricide and a patricide.

An equally-metrically-flawed, semi-rhymed bloody ditty about Amanda Knox might read:

Foxy Knoxy took a knife/ To end a bud’s too young life/ And when she was caught/ She was given life.

Without pleading her total innocence and without trying to make light of the brutal death of 21 year old British exchange student, Meredith Kercher at the hands of Amanda Knox and others, Knox’s conviction last Friday was a clear travesty of justice.

Since I don’t know Amanda, I won’t vouch for her innocence in this awful crime but, based on some limited research into her trial, it’s as evident as that cold sore on her lip seen in many older court photos, Ms. Knox was shafted in Perugia, and that’s not a reference to any actions by her former boyfriend, Raffaeli Sollecito.

Whether due to a known corrupt prosecuter, to a jury that convicted her even before the trial began, to misleading and tainted evidence, or simply due to that Italian jury’s conviction that wiseass Americans should get their comeuppance for being spoiled, little brats who use little, innocent Italian towns as venues for “Girls Gone Wild” episodes, Amanda got a raw deal:

Knox was sentenced to 26 years for Meredith’s murder, technically not a life term, except in the mind of Amanda Knox.

Her friends at Washington State University have already graduated and moved on with their lives. Amanda could be 47 when she exits an Italian prison around the year 2035, by then a middle-aged woman, perhaps entering change of life and definitely beyond the normal time to start a career.

She will also be burdened with the stigma of being forever seen as a murderess.

Whether the conviction and sentence will be upheld on appeal, Amanda Knox’s life and the lives of her family have already been irreversibly changed.

So, too, have the lives of the family of Meredith Kercher been altered with the death of Meredith, the major difference being that Amanda’s sentence brings them some limited closure.

The lives of the Knox family’s daughter, sister, and friends return to square one as they contemplate Amanda in an Italian prison for a quarter century and as her family tries to pay off the million dollars they have already spent to exonerate her.

Is she guilty as charged? Her family and friends 6000+ miles away in Washington refuse to believe it.

I have no clue. I wasn’t present during what had to have been an horrific, final life experience for Meredith after arriving in Italy just two months earlier and setting up residence with Amanda in Perugia.

Could “Foxy Knoxy”Amanda Knox, the pretty young Seattle girl, have totally flipped and turned into the “She-Devil,” as she has been called by a less than friendly European press and called a slut in that Italian court?

Could a girl who saved her precious babysitting money for years to make her Perugia trip possible, who wanted to perfect her facility with the Italian language, finally felt so sexually liberated that she went berserk on the night of November 1st, 2007?

Could she have gone so berserk under the influence of pot and lust that she would assist in Meredith’s rape and then slit her roomie’s thoat because she hated Meredith and was furious that she would not join them in a sex orgy?

Although anything is possible, that scenario would be rejected by Quentin Tarantino as so improbable as to be beneath his very diminished dignity and totally unworthy of his directorial attention.

Basically good kids can change radically when freed of the shackles of dependence and set free from parental constraints and what few constraints exist in American universities today but such liberation is a far cry from turning into a murderous monster.

Is Amanda Knox guilty as charged? Again, I have no clue, just suspicions, but I do know there were any number of other factors in her conviction, not the least of which was an anti-American bias.

Both Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox literally had their entire adult lives ahead of them. Meredith’s life was sadistically snuffed out, Amanda’s life has been put on hold.

One man, Ivory Coast drifter Rudy Guede, confessed to the crime and was sentenced to 30 years but Italian justice demanded more blood and the prosecutor went after Knox and Sollecito with a vengeance, and possibly in an effort to cover up gross errors in the investigation.

More on that and on the multiple other taints in the case of Amanda Knox and one reporter’s up close and personal involvement with justice, Italian-style in Part Two.


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