Christian Militia in The Usa: Dangerous Portends

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Last year the FBI in conjunction with its anti terrorist squad raided a few premises and arrested some US citizens who were charged with waging war against the United States. The raids as far apart as Michigan, Indiana and Ohio resulted in the arrested men later being produced before the US District Court in Detroit. The men arrested are all members of a Christian extremist organization and have been charged with trying to blow up and kill law enforcement officers and policemen.

The arrested men it is now known belong to a Christian Militia organization called the Hutaree. The Hutaree is an extreme right wing organization that believes that the Christian world is at peril and the birth of the anti Christ is imminent. They believe it their duty to battle this anti Christ.

Hutaree means Christian soldier and the believers are steeped in right wing thought. The FBI has of course got its act together and arrested the militant group. In any case such a group cannot be allowed to function in a free and democratic state like the United States. But this is a simplistic approach and one must delve deeper into the genesis of such groups.

At the turn of the century extremist groups like KKK and others were very much in vogue as they wished to keep the purity of the white race. In fact they felt the white race was under siege. Subsequently such groups just disintegrated as they had no rationale and as development took place and economic conditions improved.

What is the rationale for groups like Hutaree to come into existence and gather some following? The answer again lies in the insecurity among the Christian population all over the world. More so when Al Qaida and other Muslim groups have banded together to destroy the ‘infidel’ the United States of America.

In the present scenario the Muslims all over the world but more particularly in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen have launched militant groups that create a feeling of insecurity. Incidents like the beheading of 7 Christians in Yemen last year by Islamic fundamentalists can only fuel such organizations.

Thus despite the busting of such modules like Hutaree in Michigan there is a chance that more such groups may surface. Groups like Hutaree point to insecurity among the Christian population.Obama who attended a Madrasa for 2 years has his work cut out for him. His greatest challenge is to get this feeling of insecurity among Christians removed. Can he do it?


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