How Effective Are Herbal Remedies For Dissolving Kidney Stones?

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Common causes contributing for this health disorder include heredity, inadequate fluid intake, obesity and infection in urinary tract. Symptoms shown as a result of kidney stone vary from one person to another. Severe pain in abdomen, flu like symptoms, pain and reddish urine are some among the main symptoms shown as a result of stone. Herbal remedies are found to be very effective in curing stones. Treatments prescribed for patients vary according to their cause of problem. This health disorder characterized by concentration of urine can be well cured by leading a healthy lifestyle with proper medication. In order to attain faster relief, patients suffering due to kidney stonesare advised to drink plenty of water.

Dandelion root, one among the common ingredients in ayurvedic medicines is an effective herbal remedy for dissolving stones. Diuretic property enriched in dandelion root boosts urine output and stimulates blood circulation in kidney. Patients suffering from stones are advised to drink at least three cups of dandelion root tea per day. This helps in relieving inflammations due to movement of stones and cures pain. Water intake by person plays a vital role in maintaining the health of kidney. Intake of dandelion root enriched with potassium regulates body’s water balance and improves kidney function. Apart from dissolving kidney stones, this herbal cure is also used for detoxifying blood cells. Regular use of dandelion root extract as per the correct dosage level strengthens immune system and prevents kidney and urinary tract infections.

Horsetail tea is a safe and effective herbal remedy for dissolving stones. In order to achieve satisfactory results, patients suffering from kidney stones are recommended to drink about three to four cups of horsetail tea per day. Today, you can easily get horsetail products in the form of capsules and extracts from medical stores. Astringent property enriched in this herbal extract helps to a great extend in curing bleeding due to movement of kidney stones in body. Presence of components like saponins and flavonoids promotes diuretic action and helps in easier passage of urine. Preventing urinary tract infections, curing brittle nails and healing wounds are other health benefits of using horsetail tea.

Uva ursi is found to be as an effective herbal remedy for dissolving kidney stones. It cleanses urinary tract and helps in easier removal of stones from body. Uva ursi acts internally and relieves pain due to movement of kidney stones in body. Consuming this herbal cure also improves immune strength and prevents infections in body. Basil is another effective herbal remedy for dissolving kidney stones. For attaining satisfactory result, patients suffering from stones are advised to intake a mixture of basil juice and honey consistently for six months duration. It helps in expelling small stones during urination and enhances kidney health. Lovage, agrimony, juniper and gravel root are other herbal remedies for dissolving kidney stones.


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