Poem on Eternal Love

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Love which is the foremost among all human emotions, is pure and divine. But there are forces in this world which do not understand pure love, will mock it and ultimately try to destroy it.  A young couple, very much in love, are ripped apart by men influenced by the forces of the devil and all hopes seem lost for them. But in death, their love finds an ally to reunite and be together forever. They may have perished, but their true love will never cease to exist and will live on forever.

Eternal Love :

A bright full moon adorned that beautiful night,
The ambiance was calm and not a soul in sight,
A young couple were reveling in nature’s beauty,
Blissful of the cruel fate awaiting them, which was fate’s duty.
They were a perfect couple in every sense of that word,
Fights and quarrels between them were seldom heard.
Mutual understanding was a strong forte of their love,
Their life was promising to be as peaceful as a white dove.
Alas! Alas! their joys were too good to be true,
Spoiled by a young reckless man and his faithful crew.
Drinking, smoking, and making jeering sounds,
They closed upon the young couple like hungry hounds.
Their eyes feasted upon the girl mad with lust,
Four of them pounded the young man to dust.
He watched body bounded, with blood flowing out of his wounds,
His girl molested and raped by those heartless goons .
They left her alone,after all of them had had their fill,
More dead than alive on top of that beautiful hill.
He was freed and was burning with revenge,
Attacked them barehanded his sweetheart’s plight to avenge.
But they were many and he was just a single angry man,
The fight between them was all over in a short span.
He came out staggering, holding a knife to his heart ,
His time was dwindling and his life was soon to part ,
He collapsed face down on his lovers chest,
Unable to even tell her that she would always be the best,
He looked into her eyes so beautiful and jaded,
One last time before his whole world faded.
She let out a yell deeply filled with grief,
Her life without his love was all so brief.
She cried and wailed till her heart gave away ,
And was reunited with him and their love held sway .
The air was still again and ever so calm
And they lay dead peacefully in each other’s arm
O treacherous villains ! Please open your eyes
Is life only lust, greed and vice ?
There is something in this world which will never perish ,
It’s that eternal love that the young couple had, which was something to cherish,
Will always flourish..Will always flourish..


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