Conures Big Bird in Little Body

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Conures, yes they are a big bird in a little body.  Conures of all types make special unique pets.  Some are very colorful and some are very dull in color.  Conures can learn to talk and mimic. Conures have a playful side and will even lay on their backs and play with eachother and toys.  Conures also will hang upside down like a bat in their cage environment.  Conures have strong beaks and need to have plenty of toys to chew on.  Conures also love their human companions.  There are plenty of different species of Conure parrots.  Aratinga species which would give you the Sun Conure, The White eyed conure,  Gold Capped Conure, Jenday Conure, Mitred Conure, Cherry head, Blue Crown conure.  The Pyhrraura species which would be the The Green Cheek, The Maroon Belly, The Black Capped Conure, The Crimson Belly.  There is also a special species of Conure which is in a class all their own. The Nandayus aka The Nanday Conure.  If you are looking for a first time conure as a pet. Look no further to these details.  Noisy conures that do not talk well – Sun, Jenday, Gold Capped, Cherryhead. The Less Noisy conures called Apartment dwellers are, The Dusky, The Green Cheek, The Maroon Belly.  The Conures which are the best talkers are: The Blue Crown Conure ( Featured in the movie Paulie ). The Mitred downside is Noisy.  The White eyed conure.  The Nanday is another good talker, downside is noisy at times.

Conures live along time, lifespans can be 14 years and as high as 30 years.  Conures really are a big bird in a little body because they behave like the bigger birds, talk and have the noise degree of the bigger birds.  Conures are truly a fearless bird.  Conures make up for their slight negative faults with their comical, bonding personality. 


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